Tips for Proper Storage of Collectibles


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There many things in this world that can be collected as a hobby. In fact, you will come across many people who actually do collect a wide array of stuffs in their free times. These may include books or stamps or shoes or bags or ties or even different types of utensils. However, irrespective of the type of collectibles you are interested in, it is very important that you choose the right sort of storage option for them.

The things that you collect can easily be destroyed by a number of factors. It is also important for you to know and understand these factors and take steps to keep your collectibles safe from these factors. For example, paper items can easily be destroyed by high humidity. Similarly, wooden or vinyl can easily be damaged by high temperature.

Useful Tips to Store Away Collectibles Safely

When it comes to storing away collectibles, different items require different approaches so keep that in mind when searching for more storage. Discussed below are some of the commonly used techniques to protect precious items.

  • Storing Antique Wooden Furniture: It is needless to say that antique wooden furniture are not just well made, they are equally valuable. When you hear people say that “they do not make them like they used to in the past” definitely applies in their case. It will be a good idea to give the furniture a proper wax treatment before storing them away. This will prevent them from splitting or cracking. Do not forget to empty the drawers so that the items inside them do not damage the furniture in any way. Since wood needs to breathe, wrapping them with a plastic bubble wrap will simply suffocate them.
  • Storing Vinyl Records: You will come across many people who store vinyl records. In fact, these records are experiencing a new renaissance in recent times due to which their prices keep steadily rising with time. Thus, it is important that you take good care of your vinyl records while storing them away. Make sure that the vinyl records are stored in a temperature close to 50 degrees with a relative humidity of 35%. Always store the records upright and stack them away according to their size. Mixing the sizes and storing them side by side should be avoided.

Action Figures and Toys:

People collect toys and various types of action figures for different reasons. Sometimes these may prove to be valuable and sometimes these may prove to be your passion. While storing them, make sure that they are away from direct sunlight as it may damage their color. Also, make sure that there are no fluorescent lights nearby as it may cause your toys to turn green. Ensure that dust does not accumulate on the toys as with time it can easily form a dark layer which will be next to impossible to clean. Inspect the toys at regular intervals for the presence of any bugs. They can easily get attracted to toys and make holes in them. It is also important to make sure that you do not store away the toys in airtight bags as even a small amount of trapped air may give rise to mold.

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