Appropriate Housewarming Gifts To Consider For Women during Covid-19 Situation


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Moving to a new house is usually planned months in advance, from renovating the new house, to buying new furniture, working out the logistics to assess which are the existing furniture and belongings to be transported to the new house and clearing the remaining items in the house to ensure the old house is in a tip top condition for the new owners to move in.


Though it is not advisable to move during current pandemic situation,  there are some people who do not have a choice but to move due as they did not foresee the current situation when the dates were planned out months ago.


Hence, it is possible for one to receive messages from their friends about their move to a new abode or even invitation to their virtual housewarming Zoom party.  


With the number of e-commerce websites available, it is possible to one to buy the below list of housewarming gifts which are suitable for women and have it delivered to her to celebrate her big move. These gifts are especially appropriate during the current pandemic situation.


1) Multiple Filtration Air Purifier


With all activities constrained to home, including work and physical activities, having quality air at home is critical.  Having good quality air is one way to ensure that the lady has good immune system and hence is healthy.  Presenting the new house owner with a multiple filtration air purifier is a functional gift.  The Hepa filter in the air purifier ensures that the air is clean while the deodorising filter removes odour. The new houseowner will appreciate the fresh and purified air with this practical gift. 


2) Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Upkeeping the house, to ensure that it is clean is one of the basic tasks every house owner needs to do to ensure that their abode is conducive for living and resting.  This has grown in importance during current times, as she spends almost all her time at home.


Help her with this task by giving her a wi-fi enabled robot vacuum cleaner as a house warming gift. It will save her precious time while maintaining a spick and span house. 


3) Fitness Earbuds 


It is important to engage in physical workouts at home to maintaining good physical health.  A pair of earbuds make an ideal housewarming gift when she is a healthy junkie, as listening to the right music helps her get into the zone, even if she is not at the gym. Using personal earphones let her exercise to her favorite music without disturbing others in her house.


The above gifts are great additions that portray your thoughtfulness because they are functional during current times. They are great gifts to convey your well wishes for her new chapter in life.

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