Best Hidden Free spy Apps for android with 100% undetectable



Almost everyone you know uses or has ever used an android phone.  Android is one of the most popular Operating systems for Mobile phones. The android phones are affordable and very flexible a reason why most people go for it.

Because of their ease of use, affordability and flexibility, children and almost every other person has it. Kids now use these android phones to operate a couple of applications, including Facebook, Games, Whatsapp, Telegram and several other social tools.

With such abilities, its very tempting for kids to get involved in a couple of immoral activities that would cost them their future. For that matter, every parent wants to know what his or her kids are doing with the smartphone.

Moving from that, you may want to know how employees are using office phone or how your spouse is sailing in the outside world. Today it’s very easy to lie about things like location, daily activities and most shocking the affairs.

To bridge the gap between doubts and reality, developers have ventured in to develop a couple of spy applications that can help you spy on your children, employees or spouse with ease.

As you track them, you want to get all the details including their calls, the call logs, messages, social applications and location without blowing your cover. For that reason, the developers have tried to launch Free spy apps with 100% undetectable capability.

In a market where new spy applications are being launched every day, it can be confusing or very hard to pick one effective, affordable and most importantly reliably application. For that reason, we have reviewed some of the best-hidden Free spy apps for android with 100% undetectable.

JJSPY spy app

Before we continue with the list, we have to talk about our best pick overall. JJSPY spy tool is very affordable, and reliable when you want to track someone’s android phone remotely. The app can be installed on the target phone easily and will work in a hidden mode. This means that the subject will not notice whether they are being tracked.

With the reviews and its numerous features, you can remotely get information about the location of the individual, the call logs, content of the calls, messages, videos and photos and any other relevant information.

This application has a load of features that I am sure are going to work for you regardless of whether you want to track your employees, your kids or your spouse. One main reason I put this software at the beginning of this review is because of its affordability, the ease of use and how effective it is.

JJSPY pros

  • You can spy on applications such as Telegram, Whatsapp and Messenger.
  • You don’t have to jail break or root the target phone
  • The application works on hide mode
  • Its untraceable
  • Its also compatible with the iOS
  • The subscription is very affordable

mSpy app

The number two in our list is mpsy tool, which is available in the web today. The app is made specifically to help parents track their kids easily. Though, it has features that make it viable for other purposes including tracking your spouse or your employee.

Mspy gives you a chance to access the call logs, listen to the content of the calls, check the messages, track social applications and get the location of the target individual in real time.

The app works perfectly well for android phones and iOS phones. The other advantage is that you can choose the application for Mac, windows and Mac OS. Just like the JJSPY, the process of spying on someone using this application is highly undetectable.

After installing the application, it will work remotely and on silent mode. You will have a chance to track any detail you want remotely from a track panel on your browser.

mSpy pros

  • You can easily read messages in all social media platforms
  • The tool comes with key logger feature, which helps to know what someone is typing on the device keyboard.
  • You can check the call logs and at the same time access the contacts
  • You can easily see the numbers that are frequently contacted and most importantly the content of those calls.

Mspy cons

  • The software doesn’t come with some features such as call recording, secret camera activation and ambient recording.


The third spy tool that we are going to discuss today is Hoverwatch. This is an all-in-one spying tool that has a couple of useful features. It is most effective for business use and parents that want to track their children.

The spying tool works on silent mode and helps you easily view the call log, how different people are saved on the phone, read messages, check on social apps such as Whatsapp, Telegram and FB.

Have you wanted to also check on the web browsing history, check on deleted messages and videos and photos? If yes, then this is the best app for you. You can check for all the information remotely without being noticed.

Hoverwatch Pros

  • You can check web browsing history-this is important for parents that want to see what their children are doing with the phone.
  • You can capture and send a screenshot of the text messages and anything else you want to save on your phone.
  • You get access to Telegram, Facebook and whatsapp which are the main social apps.

Hoverwatch cons

  • You will have to physically access the phone to install the app.


Lastly, we are going to discuss TheTruthSpy, which has some of the most practical features. The tool works perfectly well for parents that want to keep an eye on what their children are doing and employers that wants to know what their employees are doing with office phones.

The main reason this app is popular is because it can support traceability. This is the case when you want to trace where a target individual is. It works in the background, which means it’s very hard to notice.

TheTruthSpy pros

  • It helps to view text messages
  • You can spy on social apps
  • You can take screenshots of almost anything
  • Gives you real time location data

The Truthspy cons

  • It’s not easy to use the application.

With the above list, it’s easy to pick one of the many spy tools depending on your tracking needs. Though, I highly recommend the JJSPY tool for al the good reasons. The application is easy to use, affordable and gives you the ability of listening to calls, checking the call logs, reading messages, getting real time location data and accessing the apps.

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