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Our company DSC here is going to introduce the wide range of moisture analyzers in special discount offers with quality product. As we all know that moisture analyser is apparatus that is helpful in measurement of moisture from slurry, liquid and solid. Moisture analyser makes your construction design smooth, silky and lustrous. Via measuring moisture from different material it becomes supportive equipment that maintains the quality of product.

Here is the list of different types of moisture analyser that our company offer for your services.
Microwave moisture analyzers.
Moisture balances and NMR moisture analyzers.
Mettle Toledo HE73 moisture analyser
Adam equipment PMB 163 PMB moisture analyser
And many other moisture analyzers are launch by DSC (discount Support Company)


The cost for Mettler Toledo HE73 is $3,559.50. Adam Equipment PMB 163 PMB is $2,460.75 it seems reliable because we offer you discount of 28% on it. If we further goes the cost of Sartorius MA160 IR and Sartorius Omnimark is just at $3000.0 and $13,760.67 respectively. We offer you alt special discount and warranty.


For the production of any material water is vital component so the quality of that material directly or indirectly depends on amount of water added or removed from it .if level of water is not maintained according to need of that product than material, time and money all become wasted. But if you have moisture analyser then you can adjust the water level. So it is used in following material for different purpose.

For example in plastic pallets and power, sludge it measure moisture so process can done easily on the basis of result that it provides.
You can use it on laboratories e.g. in pharmaceutical laboratories, food laboratories, water waste laboratories, paper-pulp laboratories and many other.


As our company manufacture many kinds of moisture analyzers. Take a look to OHAUS moisture analyser which is also certified by Parsippany,NJ As company manufacture different kinds of moisture for multiple purposes like as some moisture analyser measure moisture along with fat of sample also. Take an example of Percisa’s moisture analyser provides a high quality result. It is a thermogravimetric measuring tool. Almost all Moisture analyser has common component such as moisture analyser balance unit, a halogen lamp, and infrared radiator, calculator and glass case for putting sample on that. The material used for manufacturing of these component are disposable and available in are reasonable prices.


This device is very easy in use. Because of presence LED display in it, taking reading become easier. This equipment has sample plate and sample plate holder, what user has to do is to set sample plate on the upper side of sample plate holder then place the product after that start to note down the weight of that product but put product according to the capacity of that sample plate. The display panel shows the result continuously. At the end extra water removed and weight becomes dry weight of product by this way you can get our final result so easily.

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