10 Reasons to Choose Shopify for an Ecommerce Website Development



The Ecommerce segment has tremendously transformed business perspectives. Online shopping platform has become boon for sellers and both buyers. Consequently, there is a need to design an ecommerce website or ecommerce store. The store should depict the ideal combination of design and functionality. There are several popular ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and Open Cart. Despite all these, Shopify is the most credible choice for an ecommerce website owner. Shopify delivers aesthetic, advanced features, quality, and efficiency.


 Outstanding Loading Speed


If you choose the Shopify platform for Ecommerce web design, then you will enjoy fast loading speed. It is a globally acclaimed ecommerce platform, and it has trusted infrastructure. The website gets optimized with magnificent software and hardware. This eventually provides highly fast loading speed to the ecommerce site. Your website will take only a few seconds to load from the server. 


You should know the fact that 40% of traffic declines because of website loading speed. The average speed of the website should be equal and less than 3 seconds. If your website is taking too much time to load, it means you are losing lots of visitors as well as potential customers. Moreover, the lack of fast loading time can benefit your competitors because users will not wait and navigate to other options.


SEO Friendly Platform


After the Ecommerce website development completes, it is imperative to make your website SEO friendly. Search engine optimization is an essential segment of marketing. Ultimately the website goal owner is to fetch the business leads. Moreover, the ecommerce website needs rigorous marketing and promotion. SEO is a vital marketing process, and it is mandatory to do SEO for an ecommerce website. With the help of search engine optimization, your store is accessible effortlessly for users. Users can easily find your service and products on the search engine. Shopify helps in designing the site in a way so that it supports the search engine algorithm. It also assists SEO metrics such as Met tags, title tags and all that  


 Influential Marketing Tools


Shopify is worthwhile for marketing purposes. It is a comprehensive platform whose basic version provider superior ecommerce analytics and SEO features. The marketing tools in Shopify have Targeted email marketing, discount coupons, store database, statistics, customized gift cards, and more. With these inclusive tools, Shopify has become the leading choice for online stores. If there are ten ecommerce websites over the internet, then 4 out of them are in the Shopify platform. If an ecommerce platform is offering such interesting features and quality, then everyone prefers it.   


Exceptional Customer Support


Customer support or help desk is one of the core strengths of an organization. Online shopping business is not e3asy to handle. You will receive orders, cancellation, refund requests. Moreover, every customer has a different temperament. There must be a highly supportive and knowledgeable customer care center to deal with clients. Shopify is already has gained a reputation in this specific segment. Online sellers can get trusted and 24/ customer support. Expert team members are accessible round the clock through phone, email, and live chat. They always ready to listen to every single query and fix it accordingly. The extremely customer support team is required to run your online store efficiently.  


Aesthetically attractive online store 


The Shopify platform has a wide collection of proficient templates for website design. Templates help in creating a unique and aesthetically rich Ecommerce web design for online stores. It also has different themes for the website. However, designers and developers can work on themes and develop an online store with excellent UI and UX.  


Easy Payment gateway 


One of the considerable concerns for retailers is incorporated trusted and safe payment gateway. The payment gateway in the ecommerce website should support all types of payment options. Often customers complain about not having their preferred payment method. Shopify assists online store owner to configure the payment gateway easily. The Shopify provide stripe payment feature give buyers the advantage to make the payment without additional cost.  


 Easily integrated with apps 


Shopify leverages excellent customization features to integrate with apps without any trouble. It is boon for sellers to amplify additional functionalities and features to the online stores. Adding customized apps to the online store can eventually improve functionality and service. At times when you need to integrate an application that helps to boost your sales, then Shopify is an ideal platform.  


Mobile-friendly platform


Online shopping is totally depending on internet users. Today more than 50 percent of users order from their smartphones. It is not possible for people to carry out a laptop with them always. There has been a tremendous enhancement in mobile users in a couple of years. Google has launched a mobile-friendly update in April 2015. According to the mobile-friendly update, it was stated that the website that is mobile responsive gets high preference than those who are not mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly website is imperative for ecommerce site success. A variety of themes are mobile responsive in Shopify that support ecommerce websites to easily accessible in mobile platforms.  


Trustable and secure


Another advantage of Shopify is the trust and security it provides. If you are doing online business, security is always a major concern. Ecommerce store involves confidential financial and personal details. Moreover, it should be available round the clock. Shopify hosting solutions are highly secure and trusted for the online shopping portal. They offer cost-effective maintenance and upgrades from time to time.


Easy to configure and Use


Shopify is a user-friendly platform, and it is very convenient to set up and use. People who need comprehensive solutions with fewer mechanisms choose shopify. There is no need for hosting and development technicalities to set up the online store. The platform has already integrated hosting and software applications for making the site live. The user interface is convincing, and the administration interface is user friendly and spontaneous     


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