What to do when your partner blames you after cheating?


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It is one of the most common questions that arise after infidelity in relationships. It’s our general behavior to blame others for our own mistakes. And this behavior becomes very painful in case of life partners. Mostly people can forgive each other for cheating if the cheating spouse admits his fault. But when lt becomes a blame game, it’s nearly impossible to carry on the relationship.

As a matter of fact, it’s hard to cope with cheating, but it becomes harder to deal with the blames your partner puts on you after cheating on you.


So if you have caught your partner cheating on you, and he has been doing this for long, your partner will start blaming you for this infidelity. He cheated and then blamed you is the most hurting thing you could ever face in your relationship. However, if such a situation happens, your partner will give you a list of things and reasons that compelled him to cheat on you and the top of the reason would be “you as you”.

You, in that situation, would be feeling too confused and overwhelmed. At certain points , you might start feeling that your partner is right about you.


He cheated and he is angry at you is a situation that most commonly wives have to face in their relationships when their husbands cheat them. In that situation, either your partner is trying to make you guilty or put all the blame over you so that you won’t talk more about his infidelity or you would not confront him. This is the most common way cheating partners do to make them prove innocent.

If you feeling situations like cheating partner blame me, there are some of the things you have to keep in your mind:


– Know the truth


You know the truth and that’s enough for you. In some situations, it may be somehow true that you are not the perfect one for your partner, but that doesn’t mean that you are the reason behind your partner’s infidelity and you are the one who should feel guilty. No one is perfect and no one could be. If your partner had issues with you, he could have talked to you about it rather than cheating on you.

To know the truth sometimes it’s better to spy & track husbands phone without him knowing.


– Your partner knows everything


You need to know that your partner knows everything. He knows and understands that whatever he has done, he is the reason for that but he lacks the emotional and moral strength to accept it so he feels it right to put all the blame on you.


– Don’t listen to blames


When your spouse is blaming you, don’t listen to him. Tell your partner that you are not willing to listen to whatever wrong he has been saying. You need to show your partner that despite the love you have for him, you are not there to here all his lies.


– Protect yourself


You know your partner is lying and your partner knows it too. You don’t need to listen to his lies rather protect yourself from the wrongs he says. Don’t be a victim of his selfishness as your partner is the sole responsible for his infidelity.

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