Importance Of Having Air Conditioning Services To Stop The Covid-19 Spread



Governments, organizations and individuals around the world are doing their part to stop the spread of the COVID-19. The best ways to control the expansion of the Coronavirus are washing hands more often, the distance between two people should be 3 feet, don’t touch eyes, mouth and nose and keep the AC system clean and repaired.

What mistakes you are making?

Despite all the efforts done people are getting sick and having the Coronavirus. A prominent reason that experts have noticed is that the ac heating and cooling system was the cause of the spread of the virus in many places. This spread was due to the reasons mentioned below.

Forgetting to hire air conditioning repair companies

The air conditioning repair companies are fully equipped with machinery and have skilled staff. They give various services that include repairing as well as cleaning services. But there are many who don’t bother or forget to hire them and try to clean the AC themselves.

Not cleaning or changing the filters

The filters are an important part of the system because it refines the air that comes from outside. The filters are in the inner machine and the outer pump. Both of these filters must be either thoroughly cleaned or replaced altogether. This should be done after every two weeks.

No thorough ac heating and cooling service

If you think that only cleaning or replacing the flites is enough then you have to think over your strategies. A thorough service of the AC is important because there are various cleaning products that are effective in reducing the spread of the virus.

The thermostat is not adjustable

There are many cooling and heating systems that are still operating on the old mechanism in which they work on only one temperature. According to recent research the central cooling and heating system is the one reason for the spread of the COVID-19. So having a thermostat that can adjust the temperature and the mechanism of the AC.

Using too much of the AC

Using AC all the time can affect the working capacity of the machine. The different parts of the AC can either wear out or simply stop working. Dust and other harmful particles will gather inside the appliance and especially on the filters. If they are not cleaned then it will damage the

Not opening the windows

If a lot of time has passed say 2 weeks that you are under lockdown then you can open the windows. The reason is that the approximate lifetime of COVID-19 in the air is 2 weeks. So don’t forget to open the windows; so that fresh air comes in and you turn the AC on a little less.

COVID-19 spread through Air Conditioner

There is a state of confusion and debate amongst scientists that the Coronavirus was spread in a restaurant in China. Still no conclusive answer has been found out. But whatever the reason may be; it is essential that the AC is serviced and cleaned by professionals like Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning to eliminate any possibility of the spread of the virus.

Stop COVID-19 spread through AC services

To some extend the scientists are right that the COVID-19 spreads through the AC system because it carries the air faster and too long distances. Also the droplets of the virus can enter the room through the cooling and heating ducts.  So there are ways by which you can stop the spread.

Not to use the AC under current circumstances

Many experts suggest not to use the AC under the current situation because you don’t know for sure whether the virus has dispersed from the atmosphere or not. It is better to live a few days in hardship rather than become ill and disturb the whole family.

Servicing of the ac heating and cooling system

The question here arises how to use air conditioner effectively in this situation? As at times it is inevitable to turn it on. So in this case you can hire AC cleaners who have the staff and equipment to thoroughly clean each and every part of the AC.

The filters should be changed

The filters help to keep the harmful and dangerous bacteria and viruses that are present in the air out and send in the clean and purified air. The air filters have to be changed after every two weeks; although in normal days this is done after 3 to 6 months.

Use the recommended disinfect products

The AC cleaners always use those cleaning and disinfect products that are recommended by either the World Health Organization or the CDC. These products are alcohol-based so they can eliminate the chances of Coronavirus staying inside the AC.

Wear the proper protective gear

Another and the most important thing that the air conditioning repair companies must do is protect their staff and employees because no one wants a person infected with the virus to enter the home or other building. The testing and clearing of the employees are important; along with this they should be given protective gear.

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