Pro Tips To Be Considered Before Finalising Your Wedding Cake


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A wedding is regarded to be one of the most important milestones in any individual’s life. It is a day any man or woman has dreamt of all their life. From having the perfect venue to choosing a gorgeous wedding cake, every step has to be perfect to make a wedding perfect. So, directly coming to the point, everyone wishes for a delicious, eye-catching wedding cake yet it needs to be suitable for your pocket size, right? However, with the dramatic growth of the cake industry in recent years, many cake lovers have enjoyed some of the most delicious and gorgeous cakes at very nominal prices. With the advancement of technology, now getting cake at your doorstep or at a place of your will through online cake delivery has become much easier, right?

However, what is important is to choose a dream cake, keeping some of the pro factors in mind. From drawing the attention of people to satisfying all the taste buds, the wedding cake should be compelling to these factors. However, many couples, unaware of these factors end up choosing an unsuitable wedding cake for their D-day. I hope you do not wish that to happen to you on your D-day, right? Let’s check out these factors that will help you make the best and flawless choice for your wedding cake. 

Choose The Right Baker:

Different bakeries specialise in their own type of cakes. Yes, that leads to a lot of confusion. However, if you have tasted a cake that tasted perfect for you or to your partner in any party or wedding, as the organizer about the baker. Yes, word of mouth is the best guidance to reach an ideal cake baker. Communication is the key here. Make your baker understand what kind of wedding cake you are expecting for your D-day so that no point of confusion could ruin the cake. 

Choose The Right Size:

Well, the size of the cake directly depends upon the number of guests attending your wedding. Ask the baker the number of tiers or the weight of the cake required to feed the number of guests at your wedding. Based on the calculations, 100 people are approximately served by a 3 tier cake sufficiently. So, based on this calculation, you can make out the size of the cake required for your wedding. This is as important a factor as the cake as a whole. Since most people do not pay much heed to this factor, leading either to a shortage of cake or wastage of the cake. Even if you online cake delivery in noida and send to someone, you must keep the size of the cake in mind as per the occasion also. 

Careful With The Frosting:

While choosing the flirting, you should keep the weather, temperature and the material used in the frosting. To quote you an example, a fondant cake is considered ideal for warmer weather than frostings like buttercream, meringue or whipped cream. Consider the colour of the frosting you want if you are planning for a themed wedding. 

Choose A Unique Flavour:

Don’t go for the mainstream flavour of the cake. Rather go for the unusual and unique flavour of cakes because why not? It is your D-day, after all. The wedding cake reflects you, so choosing a flavour that reflects your personality is what you should be looking forward to. Do not think to please others. Be content with the flavour of the cake and also it should make your partner happy. 

Understand The Pricing:

Now, let’s talk about business. The pricing of the cake should be according to the budget you have set for it already. Yes, setting up a budget for the wedding cake is the utmost important thing you should not be skipping. Before discussing your type or your expected cake with the baker, do tell your budget to him. This will help you both in sorting the categories of wedding cakes suitable for your budget. 

So, these are some of the key points that you should keep in your mind before finalizing your wedding cake. Following these guidelines will lead you to your dream cake and will be perfect for your pocket as well. You can also order cake online gurgaon if you have already considered these points and are sure about your wedding cake.

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