10 Vital Tips to find a Professional Criminal Defense Attorney



Choosing the perfect and the best criminal defense attorney in Cobb County, GA can prove to be a necessity if you have been charged with a criminal offense. Each lawyer has their own unique skills that are vital to their domain of expertise. Some may be great at reducing prison sentences whereas some may be known for eliminating prison time altogether and settling for community service. If you do not want to find yourself tangled in the strings of a criminal case then you must know some important factors that must be considered while hiring a criminal defense lawyer. 

Once you get through the stage of looking for a good lawyer, your worries during all criminal proceedings will reduce. We have curated a list of 10 important tips for choosing an established professional in the field of criminal law – 

  • Strong knowledge of the basics –

You can figure this in the first meeting with your attorney. They must be able to answer all your questions pertaining to possible scenarios that can arise, while also giving you logical exit routes. 

  • Clarity in fee structure

You must be well informed of what services are included and how many hours of consultation does the fees include. Whether you are paying on a per meeting basis or on retainer terms, make sure there is a crystal-clear understanding about periodic payments.

  • Presence is always evident

Your criminal lawyer must have a personality that cannot be missed in court. Apart from the way he portrays his confidence, his speech and communication style should be one that radiates conviction. All it takes is one meeting with a lawyer to know how they carry themselves.

  • Does their name pop up through referrals? –

Try asking for referrals from your friends and family. Also, there are forums regarding lawyers and cases. Look for a forum that focusses on criminal defense lawyers and ask them for recommendations for your situation. If the same name is taken again and again then you have a stronger reason to believe that you have found your lawyer.

  • Fast responsiveness –

Whichever Cobb County criminal defense attorney you are scouting, test how responsive they are to your emails, phone calls, and queries. You cannot be working with a lawyer who has many projects to handle and has different client priorities in place. Opt for a lawyer who has assured to resolve your case as quickly as possible. Test this by asking their previous clients the case turnover time.

  • Local lawyers

Avoid choosing lawyers in other states. This is because they would have more connections, knowledge about strategies and experience in solving cases in their own local court. Rather choose a lawyer who is an expert in criminal defense law and resides in your local state. This gives you the upper hand of your lawyer knowing the subtle nuances of the local court. Connections with other lawyers, the judge and a well-studied local book can be ideal factors for a criminal lawyer.

  • Lawyer practices

A professional criminal defense lawyer does not have to necessarily practice criminal law exclusively. As long as they have experience and have taken up cases regarding criminal defense, they are worthy candidates for hire. To double-check your lawyer’s credibility, brainstorm with him regarding some laws that you had read about. Try and understand his depth of knowledge in the field.

  • Verify credibility

Navigate through the internet and look for reviews, suggestions and client testimonials of the lawyer you have in mind. If he is amongst the best criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County, GA then the odds are you will find ample positive reviews. Check out their Google and Facebook business page reviews.

  • Prioritize your decisions-

You will not always succeed with a lawyer who enforces his decisions upon you without working harder to scan for an alternative route. Make sure the criminal lawyer in Cobb County, GA that you choose is a good listener and that he values your goals and final requirements more than his ideas.

  • Level of enthusiasm –

Opting for an enthusiastic lawyer not only provides you with a high level of moral support but also comes with the additional advantage of working with somebody who is ready to walk the extra mile by digging deeper, pulling some strings and spending hours on forming the perfect case. Each and every action, decision and suggestion by your lawyer must be made keeping in mind the client’s motive and desired outcome.

Working with a professional in the field of criminal law can be the only chance that you have of getting all or some of the charges against you dropped. If you have been sentenced to prison, a criminal lawyer can definitely cut your sentence down by at least half the original duration. elder abuse attorney Sacramento.

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