Keeping Safe from CoronaVirus 19


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While the corona virus is still infecting population centers around the world, it is imperative that we try to keep ourselves as safe as possible. So what are the ways we can stay safe? Well here are some of them that we ought to remember.

  • About the N95 Masks

Buying N95 mask for sale and wearing them is a great idea but only if you are a frontliner. There is really no reason for you to wear these because for starters, there’s a shortage of the mask. Frontliners could really use those masks, really bad. As for the cheaper alternative surgical masks, those keep you from spreading the virus if you have it. It does not protect you from getting it. Wearing masks can also give you a false sense of security, thinking you’ll be fine. Remember that the virus can get to you in more ways than one. Staying at home in isolation and going out only when necessary is still the best way to avoid the virus.


  • Is it True that Pets can Transmit the Disease?


It’s hard to diagnose animals if they can be infected and transmit the disease, however, there is another way. If you bring your pet outside and a person who is unknowingly infected pets your dog or cat, the virus can be transferred on the fur, then you bring your pet home. Your physical interaction with it can get the virus transferred to you. So it’s not only people who should socially distance but animals too.


  • How to Keep Anxiety Low in these Strange Times


Avoid the news, maybe just check once a day for updates if there’s relief goods coming from the local government but try to avoid exposing yourself to the news about rising infections and death tolls every hour. Being physically isolated from everybody else is also a factor in causing stress so try to spend time with your friends and relatives online, do not go to their house to interact with them physically.


  • Is the Virus Airborne?


As far as medical professionals can say for now, the virus isn’t airborne. Genetic particles of the virus can stay up in the air for at least 3 hours, however, medical professionals have no evidence to confirm that those particles can cause infection. So for now the 2 main ways of getting infected is by inhaling mucus droplets from an infected person or by physical contact.


  • Boosting the Immune System


Taking in lots of vitamins, more than necessary, won’t help you from getting infected. Your best bet is to still go with the four traditional ways of staying healthy: exercise, eat healthy, stay away from vices like drinking and smoking, and get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can drop your killer cells by as much as 50% and you need those guys if in case you ever encounter the virus. Exercise? Now that almost everyone is stranded at home because of quarantine measures, this is the best time to do it with not much to do at home.

Final Note

So in these tough times, remember to keep safe, stay healthy, and avoid unnecessary physical interactions with other people, and wash your hands regularly before eating.

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