I earned 1 00,000 Pound Per Year From My Business



Hi, I am Oliver Brown, a 35-year-old businessperson with a marvellous yearly income of 1,00,000 Pounds. Yes, like many of you out there, earning such a huge amount per year was always a dream for me that never come true. But my attitude to give at least one tries to anything that you yearn for. 

I never imagined that I would earn such a huge amount. I own a business that earned me the prosperity and today I am living a king-size life. I started the business only two years back. There is nothing that I cannot afford; however, that happened with hard work alone. There is no short cut to success. You need to follow the right procedure. 

My business is….

I own a business of medical store of medicines in Liverpool

Now the story that may inspire you to do something similar and earn big

I want to share my experience to help many of you explore the chances of getting rich in a short time.

I was never a 10 to 7 job person 

I was never happy with my job life. I do understand the importance of regular monthly salary and to be honest, I was doing good there. But something was there that always made me unhappy about the programmed life that a salaried person lives. You cannot decide your working hours, and the monthly income is the fixed and tiring daily commute. 

I started exploring the business possibilities and ideas

To get rid of the job life, I was looking for a good business idea. Following are the ideas that I went through as the most promising options. 

  • E-commerce 
  • Milk products
  • Fashion products
  • Medical/medicine shop
  • Online FMCG sale
  • Online tickets 
  • Kitchen appliances etc. etc. etc….

Many more ideas crossed my mind, and I also took suggestions from the people who are already in business. 

I was looking for a business idea that is evergreen and is no slave to any particular season or occasion. This is the reason I did not consider the festive season products like Christmas decorative products etc.

I finally concluded that a medical shop could be the best thing to work on. 

I decided to open the medical shop, and the reasons are –

Yes, my mind and heart both were convinced on the thought that it would be great to open a medical shop. The reasons behind this are – 

  • Medical/medicine shop has nothing to do with any particular season
  • There is no loss as the customer cannot bargain on the price of the medicine
  • Even during the times when the market is closed, medical shops get the permit to stay open. The perfect example of this is the current time. Now, all the malls and shops are closed due to the corona effect. 

I know you all agree on the above points and can be with me in the belief that my decision was not wrong.

Initial wrestle with budget, registration and space 

Of course, I had to think about many things. I dealt with all of them one by one or in a way altogether. But here let us take them one by one. 

Budget and registration – I gathered money through savings and I used that to work on the initial expenses. My nest was worth £7500. Utilities, administration expenses, medicines and registration process took all. I was left with no money. 

Space – Things were difficult as I was penniless, but I wanted to buy a shop on rent. Somehow I managed as my wife is also working and I didn’t quit the job immediately. So we could control the shop rent. 

Finally, I could open my shop and two months after that I gave my resignation to boss

When I opened the shop things were a bit bumpy, but things became smooth again. The customers were coming, and there was no scarcity in that. I was always busy in the peak hours that were mainly between 8 to 11 p.m. 

I must say that the whole day customers come and I get a good sale. In the very first year, I earned £100,000, and that was very promising. Now every year I earn this much, and I hope that it will increase in the coming months.  

It is time now to say goodbye to the rented shop and buy my own

The struggle time is over, and my business gets me a considerable amount of money. Now I am buying a new shop in Liverpool only. As my credit score is good, I was looking for 100% LTV because I know that from my profit I will be able to make significant part payments. The online broker Shine Mortgages is helping me in the process. It has 90+ lenders and one of them if given a great deal on a mortgage with no deposit.

I have got the approval, and the broker is doing all the paperwork on my behalf. I am happy with its services, and within 25 days I may get my funds despite the corona lockdown situation. I can get the funds as I applied at the right time due to the extreme prediction power of my broker. It told me that due to the virus chaos, the mortgage market might go slow, I sent the application immediately. 


Whatever it is, I could get things done on time, and now I am happy, however also worried due to current tension in the UK economy. If my business can help people save their lives, I am glad that I am earning profit but also helping people in this difficult time.

 I deliver medicines to many hospitals and get a big profit, but I use a significant amount of that in serving free food to the homeless and poor people. I wish we get back to normalcy soon and all who are facing financial mess revive from the chaos. Stay at home; stay safe. We are there to fulfil all your medical and medical needs. 

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