Electricity Rate: Fort Worth, Texas lower than US


Press Release

Through the local energy rate comparison, it is revealed that Texas’ city of Forth Worth has a lower average electricity rate than the overall residences and commercial locations of the United States.

According to statistics, Fort Worth’s residential average electricity rate is 13.5% lower than the average rate of the United States. Consumers from Fort Worth only pay 11.15 cents per kWh, while the average electricity rate for the whole United States is 12.89 cents per kWh. 

As for the commercial average electricity rate, Fort Worth is 21.29% lower than the overall rate for the United States. A commercial consumer from Fort Worth only costs 8.39 cents per kWh, while the 10.66 cents per kWh is for the United States’ average electricity rate.

This drastic decrease in the electricity rate is due to the energy deregulation conducted by Fort Worth’s costumers. They applied this changed using the electricity supplier, Eligo Energy.

Eligo Energy is considered as an authorized electricity supplier with BBB A+ accreditation. They offer several benefits for the customers as the alternatively buy electricity on the market and sell it at lower prices to their clients. 

Moreover, Eligo Energy avoids additional markups for the utility bills for their clients and customers.

Eligo Energy is currently serving over 100,000 customers in the United States, and others can easily enjoy the discounts and benefits once they tried to sign up for this third-party electricity company.

Through this, possible costumers can acquire their personalized and custom pricing plans for their utilities. They can also get this bill quotation fast enough as needed as the customer support agent assists them. The company also makes sure that there are no middlemen involved in the processes.

This simple application process like checking the client’s bill or receipt regarding the Delivery and Supply charges and informing their agents about it. Afterward, they can join the Discount Club for Eligo Energy and experience a more efficient electricity supply.

This energy deregulation accepted by Fort Worth residences appreciated the chances of still receiving their utility bill, with just an indication of the partnership they have applied on. This means the bill is the same, but charges and better discounts from Eligo Energy are still printed on the receipts.

Fort Worth’s residences, cities from Texas such as Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso, and others interested can visit the Eligo Energy website at https://prices.eligoenergy.com/texas/fort-worth-electricity-rates and call them at (888) 414-6995.

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