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College life is just like an adventure that brings along many types of experiences. It also marks your entry into adulthood, and you start to make it on your own in a gradual manner. The biggest change that college life brings in your life is your dressing style. It is a delightful break from the monotony of the school uniform and is a gentle reminder that you are now in charge of your dressing.

Compiling a college wardrobe is a tough task as it should be a perfect combination of cool and sensible. To help all our readers accomplish this task without much ado, we have compiled this post. It offers a perfect guide on college wardrobe essentials and is the best shopping partner of every college-going student.

So, read on, and find the best digs on the college wardrobe essentials that every college-going student must have.

  1. Jeans for boys and girls

No matter whether you are a girl or a boy, you must have at least 3 to 4 good pairs of jeans. Jeans can be styled with any kind of shirt, top, and t-shirt. They are perfect for college days and for outings as well. You can wear them in winter as well as summer. While buying jeans, we recommend opting for standard colours such as navy blue, black, ice blue, and cool blue. All these colours can be paired with any other colour and add variety to your clothing.

Girls can also opt for light shades such as beige, white, grey, ash black, and printed jeans. Olive and smokey grey are some other popular colour choices in girls’ clothing. Instead of buying cheap pairs that become unsightly after a few months of usage, invest in some good-quality jeans. You can find almost all brands on Koovs, which offers a large number of options in every budget. Further, you can also apply Koovs promo code on all the relevant merchandise and enjoy big savings.

  1. White shirts

White shirts are classy, crisp, and impart a clean aura to the wearer. White shirts are also perfect for the presentation days and seminars, which will be a common course activity in college. Buy at least 2 white shirts as you will end up wearing them a lot!

Girls can also opt for other light colours such as salmon, light pink, light blue, and light green, etc. You can shop formal, semi-formal, and casual styles. All of them vary in their fit and cut. White shirts are good to go with blazers as well. So, whenever there is an event that requires formal dressing, you can wear them.

  1. Basic Tops for girls and T-shirts for boys

It is important to have 3 to 4 basic tops and t-shirts in your college wardrobe. They are going to be your routine wear for the next few months. You must invest in good-quality stuff as you have to wash your clothes, and cheap clothes will lose their charm after a few washes. Make sure you include articles in different styles, with different sleeve-lengths and in different colours.

Opt for some bright colours as well, depending on your skin tone and colour preferences. College life is one of the most fun times of your life. So, your clothing should reflect your youth and enhance your youthful charm.

  1. Casual clothes for routine wear

Casual clothes like gym clothes, pajamas, shorts, tank tops, Sandoz, yoga pants, leggings, and comfortable t-shirts, etc. are also essential. You can also carry the clothes you are using currently as you have to wear them back at the dorm or hostel.

If your budget allows, you can buy new casuals for routine wear. Combo packs of 3 or 2 t-shirts, t-shirt, and lower combo packs, and shorts combos – they are cost-efficient options that you can consider. You can further lower down the cost of combo packs by opting for smart money-saving options. You can also opt for shopping during sales to make the most of every rupee you invest.

  1. Sneakers and Formal shoes

For boys, two pairs of sneakers, one pair of sports shoes, one pair of bathroom slippers, and one pair of formal shoes are more than enough. They will be wearing sneakers with casuals for most of the time. For girls, though, one or two additional pairs of heels, ballerina flats, and booties, etc. must be there. Girls’ college wardrobe tends to get more complex and bigger as compared to boys. This is because they are experimenting with different looks and styles. Further, it is important to have a standard formal pair of medium-high heels. They will come handy in formal events and college activities.

  1. Jackets, Sweaters, Hoodies, and other winter essentials

Don’t forget to add some winter staples to your college wardrobe. Cool hoodies, sweaters, and jackets are the staples that you can shop as per your dressing preferences. You must also have some mufflers or scarves (girls) if you are located in a place that receives harsh winters.

One thing that you must keep in mind while compiling your winter wardrobe is that you don’t have to bring everything in one go. You will be going back to your homes during holidays and vacations. So, seasonal clothing and other essentials can be bought in instalments. Further, you might not have lots of storage options in your room. So, pack only essentials.

  1. All the other knick-knacks

Some of the other miscellaneous things that you must have in your college wardrobe are:

  • Accessories like bracelets, watches, sunglasses, wallets, backpacks, and bags
  • Fragrances and deodorants
  • Toiletries and other such necessary stuff
  • Shrugs and ethnic clothing
  • Formal or semi-formal blazers

So, this completes a basic round-up of all the things that every college wardrobe must have. Did we forget something? Please share your feedback and suggestions with us.

Hope you have a wonderful and awesome college life!

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