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“Practice makes a man perfect”, they say.

Something quite similar is the case with the young star Fat Panda Tuan, who has sharpened his katana into the best of self-taught qualities; and expertise of visual graphics.

Who is Fat Panda Tuan??

Well, Fat Panda Tuan is a musical artist and rapper from Maryland. Fat Panda Tuan is known for his exceptional expertise of integrating his music with anime creations, and his extra interest in video games. He has been known for his non-stop hard work and references to popular Japanese culture.

Fat Panda Tuan grew up playing video games and watching anime since he was young. Therefore, all these things had a huge impact on his mind and turned him into combining all of them into visuals and relating to real life. He was also a music freak from a very young age.


Video-gaming influence :

All those who are or have ever been into playing video games like final fanstasy7, Mario Party OR Mario sunshine, etc,

are already having a lot in common with Fat Panda Tuan. He has been having an exceptional attraction towards animes since childhood.  Tuan has played every system from console to hand held.  He even built a super gaming computer with GEFORCE 1080 TI graphics card; it’s able to handle any game smoothly at high FPS.

He loves all types of video games but his priority is to play the games which are “classics” but have been forgotten by many people. So some of his favorite games include are Final Fantasy 7, Mario Party, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Strikers.

Favorite animes :

His favorite animes are classics from the 90s to 2000s Doraemon, One-piece, Naruto & Hunter X Hunter. Fat Panda Tuan grew up watching anime while he was young. Not only these but the list keeps going as Fat Panda Tuan was into animes since the 90s. Some of his other favorite notable mentions are; Initial D, Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, hitman reborn, death note. The list goes on.

Some of Tuan’s favorite animes that are popular today include One Punch Man, My hero Academia, Dr, stone, and Black Clover, Mob pyscho 100. Fat Panda Tuan is a true aesthete when it comes to animes. His recent favorite system is Nintendo Switch and is also a master at Mario Kart and Super smash bros in his circle of friends’.


All the above traits and factors have a huge impact on his creativity and art. The rap game is like an Atari video game type vibes. All of these are summed-up and correlate with his single track “Atari” as its visuals and exceptional lyrics stand out.  Tuan connected with platinum producer prod by Alexx and created “Atari”. The track is one of his prominent hit’s which was released in 2019.  In his most recent work, the Maryland native displays exceptional talent with his bounce and true colors of creativity with the visual.

About the video and vocals:

Tuan has vocalized the track such that he believes it that life is like a game of Atari and the video game is real life. 8 bit color in the song is simple but it can also be hard just like Life. Life is like a game of Atari where you can choose to win or lose the game. He makes one visualize in mind how would it be when you are with two bad bitchs in the car as you’re riding into the sunset type vibes.

A playboy in the video can be seen navigating through channels and enjoying his life. Going on adventures without any worry or burden of work. Other than this, Tuan and a model is enjoying themselves while playing the Atari system.

About the lyrics:

As the lyrics say:

“I don’t want a job, I just wanna party”  imagine winning the lottery and quitting your job! How stress free would that be?

Anybody can relate to these lyrics easily as we all want to enjoy an easy life but not many want to work hard.

Grab his track here:

For the track “Atari”, he linked up with Platinum Producer Produced by Alexx. Atari music has been written in The Hype magazine sTuan has built a following on his youtube channel “platinum artist credits”.  Atari official music video is on Youtube, you can simply click on the link and enjoy the visual.

The message which Atari conveys:

Fat Panda Tuan has an unusual taste in music and my feelings; embedded in his lyrics, he makes one imagine how would it feel like if one wakes up and wins a lottery after which he does not have to work for the rest of his life. Living the dream life is so ecstatic and imaginary.

One can have a deep insight into a life where one can do whatever they want to and live as they have always dreamed of.

Music -A relaxation therapy:

Music can be good therapy for mentally tired ones.  Relaxing music before bed can result with wonderful sleep. That’s why Tuan loves to play Animal Crossings or Dragon Quest for a relaxing mind before going to bed.

More platforms to approach Tuan:

Not only this, one can know a lot more about Tuan, what he loves to do as a hobby, His lifestyle and much more about his tracks and albums. Several websites can be approached to know about him like: Apsters media, Coveragelog, . Just click on the links and go check out more about Tuan.

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