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Youtube to MP3 Converter

So you are looking for the best YouTube to MP3 Converter. Well, I do not have to tell you that it is one of the most popular searches on Google. There are a lot of free services out there but I would rather use a paid service as that way you get access to additional features and access to many more high-quality videos. On of the service is Youtube-To-Mp3 which is pretty famous when it comes to converting Youtube videos into audio.

I don’t care if it is VLC, Quicktime, free or so on. I prefer the full version instead of the basic versions. And I also prefer to get access to a lot more content than just the videos.

The first thing I looked for was an excellent converter. One which could convert all my videos from YouTube into my regular MP4 format.

The first thing I did was to check if YouTube allowed me to do this. Yes, you can do it. You just need to go to their official site, visit the support section, login and go to the main uploaders and videos link.

Now here I have to give a warning, you must be careful when browsing through the link. You must be on a secure connection. Once there, just type the URL in the box and hit the submit button.


I found out that YouTube allows only a limited number of total users to upload videos per month. So if you really want the best video converter, you might want to try something like Quicktime.

If you are lucky enough to have such a good quality converter you can try something like Quicktime or VLC which allows you to download videos directly from YouTube. But then again you will need to make sure that your computer can handle the file size of those videos.


For VLC I suggest you check it out. It will allow you to open any video and also gives you the option to play it. What’s more, VLC will also let you view the player on your computer desktop.

Then you can try with MP4 Converter. This is one of the most popular free converters as it allows you to copy, paste, split, split again and select files as well.

If you want the easiest solution then what I suggest you do is to use the WAV format. Just click on the wav icon and choose your video file and then click convert.

You can also try with VideoJungle which is a paid converter. They offer the best quality video converters and also allow you to download and stream videos.


As you see, there are many converters out there but I prefer to use VideoJungle as it offers a lot of added features. So I would recommend VideoJungle as the best Converter.

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