The Reason Why to Choose UAE over the World for Higher Education



As I began my A Levels, I began to wonder about where I would end up going for my higher education. As every other person at that age, I dreamt of going to the United States or the United Kingdom. So as one normally researches about the universities and traditions of a country before sending a university application, I realized that I never really wanted to go to the US or UK, the only reason I thought about it in the first place was due to my over exposure to Hollywood and how grand they make their countries seem. Don’t get me wrong, the UK and the US are immaculate countries to live in, visit or study, just not for me.

Why the UAE?

  I have never been a patient person, if I want something, I give it my all to get it in as little time as possible. I wanted to see the world and experience its cultures before I got stuck with a job and seeing how my student finances wont allow me to travel, I chose a place where there was a picture perfect mixture of cultures from across the globe, the UAE. Now there are multiple reasons to choose UAE for Higher Education, but for me, the major ones I’ll list below.

  • The nightlife in the UAE is not only fun and full of life, but it is also secure, regardless of your ethnicity.


  • To study in UAE, I don’t have one bothersome route to get in, in fact I get to choose from multiple routes offered by the universities to promote its educational culture.


  • If for some reason I get dealt with hardships, I can always online study in UAE till I deal with my issues and get back in with the regular campus program.


  • There are people from all over the world who study in UAE and therefor my selfish need to interact with multiple cultures is catered for in a matter of days with no extra travel costs.


  • The Government focuses on the social and mental welfare of all the children, local or international, and provides them with multiple outlets to blow off steam such as international trips.


  • There are multiple malls where I can buy whatever I need under one roof instead of wasting my time finding the right place to get the basic necessities I require.

Now if you are someone like me, who values security, exposure to the new world, an entertaining lifestyle, then look no further as UAE has it all. This nation almost seems like it was built to unite the world. Trust me on this, the love and respect the people of the UAE give a person is unprecedented. What will make it even better for you is if you study in UAE with scholarship program. This way you’ll have more finances to yourself and will explore this great nation without having to worry about a budget.

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