Gift Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special for the New Moms


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Motherhood always comes with a lot of first times. Be it the first steps that the baby takes or the first s/he calls her “mom”, the series of first moments never seems to end. Mother’s Day is among those special occasions that the new moms eagerly wait for. While she may never ask you to buy something for her, the day will mean very special to her, right after giving birth to a little life. Be it your friend, sister or wife, you must make the day all the more memorable for her by gifting her a token for being such a wonderful mom. 


She deserves to know how she is acing the new mom’s avatar. Buy her a gift for commemorating the brand new phase of her life and whenever she will look at the gift, it would remind her of all those “first times” that she experienced after being a mom. If the new mom is your friend or cousin who lives in another city, you can send flowers to Mumbai and cute customized presents to them. If you cannot make up your mind, pay attention to the things she says. If she misses reading, gift her a book by her favorite author. You can even buy the audiobook subscriptions that she can listen to while pampering the baby. You can also book a massage appointment for her as all the stress and work for the baby might leave her muscles sore. Here are some more cool gifting ideas for making Mother’s Day special for the new moms:


  • Layered Charm Necklace

Layered necklaces are all the rage these days and they make a perfect gift for the new moms. You can go for the star and moon necklace that holds ultimate sentimentality. The mom can wear the layered chain until her baby does not get old enough for wearing the star necklace. You can even go for the dainty and minimal “Mama” necklaces which look very unique and classy. Moreover, they don’t even cost a bomb. She can wear the necklace every day as it is usually very light in weight.


  • Bouquet

Be it anniversary flowers or birthday roses, flowers are always the safest gifting option. Nobody can dislike the fragrant blossoms and no matter where you place them, they would add to the aesthetics of your corner. Go for colors like bright yellows, peach and other such shades that would be a nice pop of color to space. You can also buy flowers online & order cake online in bangalore to get more variety and colors. You can even get a floral arrangement of her favorite flowers and combine it with the chocolates she loves.


  • Photobook

 If your wife has become a mother for the first time, it’s obvious you have hundreds of baby pictures saved in your camera. From the baby smiling to him/her playing with grandparents, you have got it all captured. Now is the perfect time for encapsulating the special moments and surprising your wife with a personalized album. You can look up online for fun page styles, designs, and layouts. All you need is a little creativity and loads of happy pictures.


  • Reed Diffuser

Because of the baby and recovering from pregnancy, new mothers tend to stay at home most of the time. Make her time better by enriching her surroundings with her favorite fragrance. Buy her an aromatherapy diffuser and it would instantly make her mood better. After a tiresome day, she can put the baby to sleep and relax in an amazing-smelling room. You can even try room sprays but diffusers are a lot better for the environments and make the ambiance calm and soothing.


  • Comfortable Pajamas

Carrying a baby for nine months and then taking care of him/her round the clock, new moms deserve all the comfort in the world. You can gift her a pair of pajama set and she will be sorted for a peaceful sleep. It would even let her work at ease and then relax without a care. Make sure you don’t mess with the size and bring her the right fit. Also, the fabric matters. Don’t buy the fancy synthetic PJs. Go for the cotton ones as they are cozy and easy to wash.


  • Bluetooth Earphones

Wires tend to become a hassle when you have a baby to look after. This makes Bluetooth earphones ideal to gift the new moms. They come in handy while she is busy taking care of the newborn or running errands. She can listen to her favorite songs, podcasts or even audiobooks even when she has no time to spare. Bluetooth earphones take away the trouble of tangled wires and the baby tugging at them. 


  • Journal

 Having a baby comes with its own set of memories to cherish forever. You can gift a new mom a beautiful journal for writing down all the ‘first times’, the sweet nothingness and the cute blabbering of the baby. After the child grows up, the journal would be like a journey to his/her infanthood. It would be a record of all that the baby does and after some years, reading those things and going back in time would be such a joy! It will also help her to take a break from the chaos of being a new mom and write her mind out in pages.


These were some great and unique ideas for people who want to gift something to the new mothers out there. Buying a present has become so easy these days that the endless options can overwhelm or confuse you. Monthly skincare subscription boxes, same day flower delivery, snack boxes, customized products, etc. are also some amazing ideas to go for. Every mom deserves to feel special on Mother’s Day and if it’s a first-time mother, she deserves all the more. Pamper her, buy her all that she loves, give her your time and let her know how brave she is.  


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