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Generators are proven out to be a boon to society. After the introduction of generators, not even a single person is facing the scarcity of electricity and the task which required 24 by 7 supply of electricity easily get completed. The generator service is not only helping people to complete the task efficiently but is proven out to be the timesavers as well.

If you are among those who are dealing with such services where a continuous supply of generator is required, and you are looking forward to availing that generator service in Gurgaon, you must get aware about the types of the generator as well. The types will help you to let the service provider about your requirement easily, and you will be able to avail the services as per your requirement.

Types of generator:

These are as follows:-

Portable generator:

Portable generators are those generators which are known to provide a temporary supply of Electricity. These generators get operated by LPG, fuel, or electricity.


  • For the conduction of electricity, the combustion engine is used.
  • With the help of the sockets, it can be connected with other devices easily.
  • If a person wishes to avail the generator service at a remote site, then this is the right choice for him to consider.
  • In a portable generator, the governor is available that will control the speed of the engine.

Standby generator:

Standby generators are among those generators that get operated on their own. It might sound a bit weird to you, but yes, whenever there is a power cut, and the standby generator is available, they will get operated on their own. There will be no need for you to approach anyone and ask them to start it.


  • These generators do get operated automatically.
  • Permanent power protection is delivered by it.
  • Two components are available with a standby generator and automatic transfer switch.
  • Liquid propane and natural gas can be used to operate this generator.

Inverter generator:

The production of AC supply when a generator is connected to the engine, it is termed as inverter generator. These are known to be the best ones to consider because of the features linked with them.


  • Hi-Tech magnets are available which are known to be the relying factor for it.
  • The electronic circuit placed inside it is advanced.
  • The continuous flow of electricity supply can be maintained by installing it.
  • An inverter generator is comparatively light in weight.

These are the types of generator available. Whenever you wish to avail the generator service in Gurgaon, get aware of your requirement and let the service provider know about it. They will provide you with the generator as per your requirement, and within no time things will go as you have planned and as you want.

After installation of the generator, ask them about everything linked with it considering maintenance, warranty, guaranty, and the things which are needed to be completed at your end. This will help you to use it for a longer duration without any trouble.

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