8 Clever Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Daily Life


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As can be seen from the term itself, “Life Hacks” is a shortcut or cheat that used to simplify one’s productivity and daily life. These shortcuts were first invented by people who always wanted to make their life simple and easier. However, these life hacks are solving problem in not a “common” way that some people considered is as genius. Hence, we have listed down 8 clever life hacks that will amaze you.


1. Enlarge Your Shoes


If you feel that the pair of shoes that you just bought is a bit too small, try this trick! Get two Ziploc bags or any plastic containers and fill it with sufficient amount of water. Put each Ziploc bags inside both of your shoes and store them to the freezer. If you worried that it will make your freezer dirty or not hygiene, you can cover both of your shoes using plastic bag. Set a reminder in your phone to take your shoe within 24 hours. As result, your shoes will fit your foot just nice now!


2. Remove Egg Shell Without Peeling It


We all know the trouble of peeling the eggshell every time we want to consume hard boiled eggs. When it just done, we need to wait quite sometimes before we can start to peel it due it’s hot temperature after boiling it. Not necessarily! With this trick, you can remove the eggshell easily without peeling them manually with your own bare hand.

Get a lemon edge and put it inside the water while you’re boiling the eggs. When it finished, the shell will just about to fall off!


3. Get Your House Anti Mosquito Egg


During raining season, mosquito will find any place to lay their eggs including your house. Their favorite places are those places filled with water, including your bathroom, swimming pool, and pond. 

To get prevent they lay their eggs, put a small portion of olive oil to any of the places that contains water. This oil will kill any of bug or insect egg before they grow to a larva.


4. Prevent Itchy Eyes When Cutting Onion


Having a tear in your eyes when cutting onion is a common thing that happened. However, there are several life hacks to prevent this. Firstly, you can wear googles when cutting onion. Yes, it’s the same googles that you use when swimming. Googles will protect your eye tightly and prevent the spice come to your eyes. Secondly, you can chew gum when cut the onions. By chewing gum, it’s nearly impossible to have tears.


5. Microwave Cleaning Hack


Cleaning microwave is a necessary thing to do while most of the people tend to forget to do it once they finished heating up their food. Take a bowl and fill it by water and heat it up using your microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. The heating water will create a steam that will loosen the dried food particles that is sticking on your microwave. Wipe the microwave with mop afterwards. This will make your microwave cleaning so much easier and faster.


6. Find Tiny Things on The Floor


Sometimes we’re just accidentally drop our tiny little things on the floor such as needle, the micro card, or etc. If you have bright color floor, then it should not be a problem. However, it will be troublesome if it dropped on the carpet or dark color floor. 

All you need to get is a vacuum cleaner and stocking. Cover the end of your vacuum cleaner with the stocking and make sure there is no hole in your stocking. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and start to vacuum around. As the result, your tiny things will just stick in your stocking as the result of the desludging from the vacuum cleaner.


7. Fix Soggy Rice


Sometimes we’re just accidentally put too much water on the rice cooker and ended up making soggy rice. You might think that you have ruined your meal or decided to cook a new rice. Hold on there! You still can fix it. Put a bread on top of your rice on the rice cooker and let it be for a few minutes. The bread will absorb the water from rice and making it perfect now.


8. Office Life Hacks


Your keyboard might contain a lot of mini surfaces and small particles that are hidden in between the button. You can take one of a sticky note paper and use the sticky end to remove the small surfaces and particles. Just rub the paper in between. Any small particles will get stick to your sticky notes now.


To Conclude

All the shortcuts and tricks above are practical and we ensure that you can practice it straight away. If you like this article, you might check out other practical life hacks that will make your life easier.


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