6 Compelling Reasons to Learn French


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Do you think Learning French can help you enhance your life’s experience? Well, it surely can. If you are looking for extra motivation to get started with your French learning journey, you have arrived at the right page. We’ll tell you, how taking French language classes can be a life-changing move for you. 

There are other big advantages of learning French besides the obvious explanation (it’s the language of the love), which might not be as evident. As of 2012, there are more than 75 million native French speakers worldwide and over 275 million French speakers in total.

Generally, France is the first location people think about when they talk about learning the French language. You must note, however, that countries such as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and many other countries across Africa all use French as their official language.

To give you a little motivational push towards learning French, here are the 6 compelling reasons to learn French.


Be a part of 300M French Speakers


Globally, with almost 300 M French speakers, you’ll find a fellow French speaker everywhere. The French are regular travellers, so if you’re on holiday in a non-French speaking nation or in your local area, you’ll be grateful to us for speaking French. Moreover, according to researchers, the French would surpass the German language by 2025 as the most spoken language in the whole of Europe. Why not be a part of something bigger like this? 


Travel with confidence


We all agree that it can be overwhelming to visit a different country without knowing its history, language or place information. sing the language, however,  you can answer all 3 big concerns you may have. 

Now you can visit France, Quebec, Belgium, Madagascar, Switzerland, Lebanon and more. You’ll feel like a regular there immediately and people will start treating you as their own too!


Widen Your International Job Prospect


When the world goes global, corporations and companies search for bilingual speakers everywhere. Considering the strength of economies in French-speaking countries, it is no wonder that as a Francophone employee, you would be more important. 

Whether your job is to build relationships with various other French-speaking clients or to work in those countries where French is the official language, learning French can be a handful. 


Learning French is just a start


French share many parallels with other Romance languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian coming from the same origins. Which include vocabulary, cognates, the structures of sentences, and more. That means you can easily learn other Romance languages once you start learning French and its foundations. 


Become More Interesting


Talk in the French language to every person at your next party or event and you’ll automatically catch their attention. Certainly, our culture respects someone who can communicate in a second or third language. We think they’re most interesting, knowledgeable, and culturally conscious versus someone who’s learned only one language.


Date French


Want to date a French girl or a French guy? Who doesn’t? We get it. The truth is, French men and women, love to speak their own language and when you can speak to them in French, you’ll have a much better chance of dating them. Including inside jokes to meeting members of their French kin, these are all important problems that learning French can solve.

Learning French alone will only get you there so far. If you’re ready to dive into the Francophone world, taking French language classes from the best French language institute is your best choice. 

[Note – We also provide Spanish language classes & German language Classes.]


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