Tadiandamol trek – Untouched Monsoon fantastic thing about Western ghats



Rs. 8500 barred in Rajesh’s BanBanjara account and expiring in August! That affected Pine Tree State daily. Because of none of his fault, cash|the cash|the money} was barred that had to be used at any cost! Come back on Its Brobdingnagian money. We tend to start checking in BanBanjara on wherever to go! Extremely didn’t wish to pay on resort keep, please! The only possibility that made me happy was a trek to western ghats – Tadiandamol trek! I aforementioned affirmative at first! However, it has been monsoon, thereupon comes leeches all over!

I had no selection, somehow Sagar convinced Pine Tree State in infinite ways that, finally, he aforementioned to Pine Tree State to beat the worry and

Face it!

Most of them told Pine Tree State one factor – the worry of leeches shouldn’t stop you from seizing another peak in its best time. Well, well, well! It plumbed all simple after they said! Finally, equipped and that we engaged the tickets through BanBanjara! Phew, this was the background story on coming up with the Tadiandamol trek!

Tadiandamol trek

Tadiandamol is the highest peak of Kodagu district, Karnataka, India. The third highest mountain in state Associate in Nursing reaches an elevation of one,750 m. an area of interest for trekkers and naturalists.

The mountain has patches of shola forests within the valleys.

The Journey to Tadiandamol trek

We boarded the bus from MG road at around eleven pm. Perhaps this can be the first time we tend to were on a visit with twenty-two unknowns of us. We tend to doze off to sleep. Early morning my alarm rang at 5:30 am (which I forever snooze @ Well, I fell through the curtains to envision the monsoon magic of Kodagu! Well, It will solely be practiced the everyday western ghats ne’er did not amaze Pine Tree State.

The base camp of Tadiandamol trek

At 7:30 am, we have a tendency to reach Yevakapadi. The homestay was basic with do-it-yourself food. however, the situation was extremely stunning, providing views of low estates and, therefore, the cascading hills. We have a tendency to freshen up and have breakfast. As I was already equipped with leech proof socks and applied no matter, I had to be compelled to repel parasites. 

After a hike of around 55mins, At 10:30 am, we tend to reach the primary viewpoint. The read was charming and delightful. however, once you reach the height, you feel this read was minimal! Between there’s a little pit search here to possess tea or low in between and conjointly at the point of view.

Viewpoint to the forest workplace – Tadiandamol trek – section two

At 10:55 am, we tend to reach the forest workplace. As a result there has been elephant observance last night. Everybody was troubled concerning elephants. However, I used to be the sole one United Nations agency And a toilet conjointly. Currently, we tend to get the permissions and that we entered the forest trails. The forest department told not to leave the path and come back before sunset was troubled concerning leeches. We tend even to have a pit stop here to possess Maggi and tea.

Forest workplace to the land site – Tadiandamol trek – section one

The forest paths were slender for a few meters then the forest trail unleashed the important fantastic thing about Tadiandamol. the attractive grasslands attended the United States giving breathless views. Water streams on the approach created the United States quite contemporary. At 11:20, we tend to reach the Hunters rock. There’s the last supply of water here. We tend to see contemporary elephants dung all over and remember what forest officer aforementioned to the United States. however, they do not have shrewdness well i used to be prepared! I saw my initial batch of parasites on a leaf stretching themselves to seek out heat

Camping site to Shola forest stretch – Tadiandamol trek – section

The ascend becomes a bit steep, and therefore the piece of land is usually rocky. As we tended to climb, the road got higher and higher. From here, we tend to get several excellent viewpoints and superb views that looked stunning. At 12:40, we tend to enter the forest stretch truly.

Forest stretch – Tadiandamol trek – section four

The forest stretches the ground. This stretch is usually one metric linear unit 10mins and roots bridges, however the trees. Dense and thick forest with very little daylight reaching the, however, is steep, and therefore the piece of land is most slippery.

So use caution to ascend at a reasonable pace and breathe sufficiently, therefore, not to get tired. I got exhausted throughout this stretch because it leeches. Do check your shoes when on the forest stretch that may provide a chance for new leeches to suck on you. Was steep and that I was virtually hurrying to flee when you got out of the forest stretch. do not keep checking whereas

Forest stretch to the height – Tadiandamol trek – section five

After the forest stretch at 12:40, all that we’ve to scale is 20mins to achieve the height. This stretch could be a very little steep; however, it is mounted at a slow pace. We tend to reach the height with a light-weight drizzle finally.

We saw such a large crowd at the height. Flag and State flag was flying, therefore graciously, that created Pine Tree State proudly! Since it had been too thronged, I affected the opposite aspect of the height and located a rock to be happy that it’d saved Pine Tree State from leeches. With sprawling hills comes when the toughest climb. I removed the leech proof socks so abundant happiness I enjoyed the views of and rich inexperienced grasslands. No words to explain. it’s true that the most compelling read


At 2:20, we tend to start declivitous. We tend to place on our raincoats quantity of our time whereas declivitous and that we reached the govt college at 5:50 pm and boarded the bus and visited the homestay. Several folks visaged a headache when coming that is due the body is endlessly physically challenged, which might demand additional water intake. Therefore have extra water, as you trek. It had been my initial time and I was from Poola. We tend to refer to it as a night when to sensible sleep. Keep tuned for consecutive posts because it started descending whereas coming. We tend to take honesty to dehydration. The climate was damp and that we usually don’t feel like drinking water; however, we tend to have a luxurious dinner. After dinner, we all started enjoying the mafia, and were regrettable. Then we tend to begin with ghost stories. I get afraid of the stories of Klimt and his grandparents, the sorcery of Pooja, and weak stories by one pm. The next day, we tend to have plans to go to the Golden temple. we tend to fell off

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