Jan Pro OKC disinfecting Government Buildings during Coronavirus”


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Although all kinds of businesses whether they are small or big are now closed until further notice because of the spread of Coronavirus. But this obligation is not for the government offices as they have to work to keep the country running smoothly. So for the safety of the people working in those buildings Commercial Cleaning Services must be hired.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Government Buildings

The management of the government buildings must know what items and areas of the government buildings are the most affected and can be touched or used. It is vital that the cleaning company should know which are the dirtiest and have to be sanitized on a daily basis.

Cleaning the Carpets

Scientists have suggested that the virus stays on different surfaces at various times. So all of them should be cleaned and especially the carpet is a place where germs, bacteria and viruses can stay for longer. Initially vacuum the carpet and wash it with water and disinfects so that all kinds of germs can be cleaned.

The windows have importance

The particles of the COVID-19 can easily travel through the air. It is more crucial that you keep the windows clean. So that the virus doesn’t come into the vicinity of the building. It is best to keep the windows closed and opened when it is most necessary.

Wooden and Solid floors

Although no one will touch the wooden and solid floors with their hands still it is in the services of the cleaning companies to thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitize the floors. The special surface cleaner is available and must be used on at least alternate days.

Sanitizing Different Rooms

All of the rooms in a government building are important to clean but there are certain rooms that assemble people like the conference, common room, kitchen and the lobby. More and more people come and go into these areas; which can cause germs and other infections to spread quickly.

Disposing of the Trash

There are several cleaning businesses that don’t give the facility of taking out the trash. But you must find and hire the company that disposes of the trash. This duty can be done either on a regular basis, alternate days or weekly; depending upon the trash collected during the day.

Workplace disinfection

Thorough cleaning involves cleaning, sanitizing and especially disinfect. The workplace where all people work like desks and tables must be disinfected. This must also include computers, laptops and all other accessories related to these two. 

Air vents must be cleaned

Researchers have found out that air vents are a source of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. Many cleaning companies don’t give the facility because it is difficult to clean them. But some businesses like Jan Pro OKC provide their best.

Equipment is critical

It is discussed that computers laptops and other accessories must be cleaned. But what about other kinds of equipment in government buildings? There are several kinds of equipment that is touched all the time and sanitization of these is critical; so that it becomes safe for everyone.

Disinfect Process during Coronavirus

It is really important to disinfect the government buildings to decrease the spread of the virus. The process of disinfecting involves several steps that have to be systematically carried out. The process of disinfecting must consist of the following steps.

Using the proper protection kit

The employees of the cleaning companies must and should wear protective gear to save themselves from the virus. This gear or kit must consist of a full body suit, gloves, facemask, goggles and other protective kit items.

Utilizing the appropriate disinfect items

It is vital that the company and staff focus on using the best and appropriate products to disinfect the whole building. Gigantic industrial sprays are the best choice to aerosol disinfects in the rooms and on the things in the government building. 

Cleaning everything well

Each and everything must be thoroughly cleaned. There should be nothing left uncleaned so that the risks of spreading the virus is minimal. This should include cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. It should be done at least thrice a week.

Disinfect with recommended products

Disinfect that the cleaning companies use should be of the best quality. Some companies use low quality to save money but as a result lose their reputation and goodwill by using third-grade products. 

Electronics are very vital

The electronics in the government building can also be a source of spread of the virus. These include computers, laptops, keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners and photocopiers. 

Sanitize the most-touched surfaces

It is a possibility that viruses and bacteria spread from one person to another by touching the surfaces that others came in contact with.

Spray the whole building with disinfects

The finest facility that Commercial Cleaning Services can give is spraying the whole building with disinfecting. These government buildings are important because these people work for the benefit of the whole public.

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