How Research Methodology Help In Education For An Orthodontist?



When the students are studying and especially related to the medical field; they have to do research on various topics. Many people think that research can only be done where there is surgery involved. But the reality that you can do research on practically anything; even for the minor of topics.

What is the meaning of Research Methodology?

This is a set of ways by which you can collect info about a specific topic that can be helpful during the education for an orthodontist. The word research is taken from the French language; which means to seek knowledge.

What is the main purpose of Research?

Ordinary people will never understand the importance of research in any field. They think that researchers are wasting their precious time; but if you will look closer the importance is only then known. From where do you think all of the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques in orthodontics emerge? The following are the main purposes of research methodology.

To gain extra knowledge

Almost every student has sufficient knowledge of whatever they are studying or studied. But when students carry out researches; there is a wider chance that they gain extra knowledge of various orthodontic topics. This knowledge can either be new or an upgraded version of the previous info.

To find innovative ways of Treatment

There are set ways of treating different kinds of orthodontic issues. These ways are used since the orthodontics was introduced in the medical field. But it is not a set rule that these treatments are final; as new and improved techniques are developed with the help of research methodologies.

To develop public awareness

When orthodontic students do their research work on different topics; the results and other developments are and have to be shared with the general public. This helps in developing a sense of public awareness. This is most important in the medical field because the latest development must be shared.

Understanding the Problems

Sometimes there are certain orthodontic topics and problems that are really difficult and need additional data to be comprehended. Or on other occasions the issues are old but they need new ideas by which they can be understood. There are certain problems to which the causes are not known but through research the main reasons can be known.

How to conduct research in education for an orthodontist?

As discussed above research methodology is the most important part of any science field. The students have to go through several steps in order to conduct the research. There are many dental institutes and private sectors like Gerety Orthodontic Seminar that provide various resources to conduct research.

Search for the Appropriate Topic

The very initial step in this whole process is the selection of the appropriate topic. In the field of orthodontics there are many topics that are untouched till now. The students have to carefully look into these subject matter and derive the right research question.

Addressing various controversies

Each and every topic regardless of the field of life it belongs to has various controversies and debates attached to it. The students have to take into note the differences and disputes that surround the topic you are going to so research on.

Write down different questions

There are various questions that students have in their minds. They have to write them down which can be very useful in compiling the data. Your research work is based on the questions that you have observed. The answers to these questions will become the written material.

Doing a thorough Research

The best way to do a thorough research is focused on the questions and the controversies. When you find the answers to the questions and eliminate the controversies then there is a chance that you find all of the info that is essential for the research.

Going through the Internet

Many people think that it is very difficult for students to get access to information from the internet; as there are a lot of login problems. But that is not true as there are several websites that give access to the material and resources to the students.

The Library is also important

The library is a very powerful source to attain the material for the research. You can get membership of various libraries. Have conversations with the librarians and other custodian staff to have info.

Select the sample population

This is an important part of the research methodology in which the students have to select the sample population. In orthodontic research the sample population has to be diversified because the people who are being treated range from children to adults.

Distribute the questionnaire

A questionnaire has to be handed over to the sample population so that questions can be answered regarding various oral and dental problems. The answers will give students a better insight into the situation.

Case-Control Study

The process of research methodology will not be complete without conducting interviews and checking the patients mentioned in the sample population.

Compile all of the data

In the end the whole process of the data collected is compiled so that the research done during education for an orthodontist can be finished. Finally, the students can submit their research, benefit the whole world and the orthodontic community.

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