Guidelines101: Safety Tips for Solo Travelers



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Isn’t it exciting when you accomplish even one of the things from your to-do-list? There’s a lot you can do when you become independent enough, traveling is one of those things.

Solo traveling has a lot of perks. You can plan an adventure or start a tour in neighboring cities or countries, see what you like the best, visit unanimous places, tick of cool cafes off your list and obviously take lots of pictures. But one thing is you can never be sure how secure solo traveling can be.

Canada is a dreamland for every solo traveler

It is true. Canada does offer amazing tour programs for all types of travelers. Especially throughout Ontario, there’s an entourage of regions you can visit. If you are planning to go on a tour for the first time as a solo traveler, use private transfer services, like Toronto airport limo, as they come highly recommended as they are not over the budget and you can have the assurance that it’s safe as well.

To enlist some of the major safety tips here’s what you need to remember;

Do as the Romans do

The old sayings never do’s you wrong. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Do not appear like a tourist at all. That goes especially for female solo travelers. You need to blend in with the native crowd and act like a local.

Yes, your picture taking can make it kind of obvious that you are a tourist but people are crazy for social media so it can be overlooked. Make sure you have all the necessary items you may require for your solo traveling trip so you don’t look lost.

Keep extra cash

Another thing you need to add in your bucket list is to always keep cash with you. If you have an international debit card, that’s great, but even so, you need cash to do transactions. Keep a healthy stack of change in your pocket so that it comes handy.

It’s a flight risk if you keep little cash on a traveling venture. It’s better to pay in cash than being stuck at the counter thinking whether your card will get declined or accepted. The best way to keep cash is in the inside pocket of your waist pouch or socks (for sure) but do keep some amount back in the hotel room. It’s important to keep your stash of cash divided in case if you lose the money, some of it may be disputed rather than all of it.

Say no to the offer of a ride

Being a big fan of Liam Neeson, I saw the movie Taken in which two girls were abducted in Paris. Turns out the guy they shared the ride with worked with a group involved in trafficking female travelers. Now I do not mean to worry you, but it does tell you how one minor decision can affect your life.

If someone offers a ride out of nowhere, or a guy (or in some cases even a girl) is being too polite going out of the way, then you needed to be on red alert. Yes, good people still exist but it’s smart to not trust all of them. It’s better to use Toronto airport limo services to travel around Toronto and other neighboring areas, as they provide professional limo transfers.

 Always have a plan B

It’s easy to mess things up on a travel spree; however, the most important thing is to have a plan B in case you do. For instance, the outbreak of COVID-19 has led many travelers alike stuck in abroad. Now the safest thing anyone during this pandemic is to keep your face covered with face masks, wear gloves, keep sanitizer and antiseptic wipes with you at all times.

Besides even if there wasn’t a pandemic outbreak, someone at back home must be updated about your whereabouts in case of any emergency, so that they can be contacted on an immediate basis

Be aware of the Canadian Embassies and Consulates

When you travel to Canada, you have to keep a thorough brief of consular assistance for any sort of emergency. You must note down the address and contact number in case if you need them you do not have to search the information at the eleventh hour.

One thing you need to remember is that Canada’s consular services are quite helpful in cases like a stolen passport, medical emergency or any other situation requiring their assistance.

Welcome aboard!

Nothing is smarter than a traveling adventure thoroughly planned for your first-time solo traveling experience. For starters, if you are nervous or afraid, it’s normal to feel that way. It is highly recommended to start from a nearby city you feel comfortable enough to travel alone. Once you have gained some experience you can plan for further trips at longer distances.

Bon, voyage!

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