The Leading Social Media Tools that Can Make a Difference in Social Media Marketing


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There is no doubt that social media is becoming one of the most important platforms for marketers to market various products and services. Most of the companies out there in the world are leveraging on the increased number of social media users to market their products. Recent reports indicate that there are more than 3 billion social media users, which is a considerable marketing audience for most of the companies.

However, for marketers to achieve maximum results in social media marketing, they must incorporate social media tools, some of which have been discussed below.


This is one of the most usable and necessary social media analysis tools that any organization out there in the world needs to have. If you are a marketing expert interested in working with influencers, Affable helps you to get the right influencers that can be related to the products or services you are offering in the market. This software uses artificial intelligence to help you achieve your desired results, which explains why it is one of the best social media tools out there in the world.


In social media marketing, you will not only focus on creating written content to your audience. Sometimes you will go the extra miles of ensuring that you deliver virtual content, which is currently attracting considerable attention in the market. However, you may not have the right knowledge or skills to prepare such videos. Animoto is the right social media tool for you. It is a tool that can be used by beginners to create shareable videos on social media platforms.


The period of ensuring that you have a dashboard for all the social media channels you are using is long gone. Most of the professional marketing experts are currently using a single marketing platform where they can easily access all social platforms without significant challenges. CoShchedule is one of the best single dashboards that you can incorporate in your marketing activities. It can help you to combine all the social media platforms in a single interface where you can easily track everything with ease.


As a marketing expert who has been in the industry for many years, you already know that you have to be always engaged on your social media channels so that you can create the necessary buzz in the industry. This ends up taking much of your time and could even affect other departments in your company. OneUp is an innovative marketing automation software. It can easily share and reshare content automatically. This will allow you to pay attention to other aspects of your organization.


As you already know, developing marketing and social media content is not a simple undertaking. You need to be smart and come up with innovative topics that will help you to move forward with your operations with ease. SEMrush is that tool that helps you to come up with attractive topics that will encourage your audience to click. It can also be a useful tool, especially when it comes to editing content before posting.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Insights

The insight tools are custom in nature as they can only be instrumental in helping you to trace what is happening in a specific social channel. As a marketer, you already have social platforms in all the three leading social media platforms. Having Twitter Insights will be essential in helping you to understand how your content is performing on Twitter.

These are some of the most common social media tools that most of the marketers out there in the world need to enhance their social media marketing activities. With NetBase, it will be possible for marketers to get the right social media tools for their marketing efforts.

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