Australia Travel Hacks 2020



Australia is one amongst the popular destinations to travel in the earth’s face. It is well known for being a camping, road trip, backpacking, and diving destination, however, regardless of your travel method, you will find something to attract you to visit this nation.

When to visit Australia

The country has temperatures and climates that change from one place to the other. In general, the most suitable time to visit is from April-September since the weather conditions are mild and lovely and most parts of Australia is warm and dry.

If you visit Southern Australia, the autumn season [March-May] is the ideal time to visit. Conversely, here the tourist crowds can turn intense and the prices might be higher and so you need to book everything in advance.

If you wish to travel to Australia to hike, you should consider travelling in June-August [the winter season].

October-March is the low season when the temperatures are very hot and humid and agonizing for most people, particularly in most parts of Western Australia. The only upside to this season is the discounted travel prices you can enjoy at hostels and hotels.


You can easily travel around for 45 to 60 USD [60 to 80 AUD] if you are a backpacker, assuming you stay in an inexpensive camping or hostel, cooking your meals on your own or consuming fast food and utilizing public transportation. You can visit most sites or museums and do most free activities on this budget.

If you have a mid-range financial plan of around 100 USD [135 AUD], you can stay in a better hotel, have a meal at the restaurant occasionally, benefit from intercity travel and visit some more sights or tours.

How to Get Around Australia

All the cities of this country have affordable, reliable public bus systems. Fares might cost you around 2 to 3 USD [3 to 4 AUD] also you will find tram systems. Around all australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide..

Buses are the cheapest on the country’s east coast, particularly if you book tickets in advance. Over the west coast, it is much cheaper and easier to fly out rather than taking buses.

How to stay safe

In general, Australia is a safe place to travel around, even if you travel solo [for female solo travellers too]. Violent attacks are a rarity. People are generally helpful and nice and it is highly unlikely that you will get any trouble.

When you are in a huge city, take usual precautions as you would anyplace.

  • If a driver of a taxi looks shady, ask him to stop the taxi and get out immediately.
  • If the hotel is sleazier than what you contemplated, get out from there. Take copies of your documents, particularly your ID and passport.
  • Send your itinerary to your friends and family so that they can know where ever you are.
  • Make sure you do not get dehydrated and have loads of sunscreen when you visit during the summer season. This is particularly true if you happen to drive via the outback; the distances are generally very long with no towns in sight and so if you get interrupted in the journey, you must be prepared.
  • If you hike, ensure that you are acquainted with what to anticipate beforehand.
  • Always look for spiders and snakes, and if you get bitten, get immediate care; although this is a rarity.
  • If you swim, pay attention to the yellow and red flags; yellow denotes swimming conditions are dangerous while red flags indicate that the beach is closed for visitors.

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