How did the Corona virus expose America to the most powerful country in the world?



Being in my apartment, I can see how fear has captured America. It is strange to see how the most powerful country in the world is in the process of treating the virus, which was recently declared a political rumor by US President Donald Trump recently.

It is a country that outsiders see as a safe place in every respect and in their desire to live a quiet life here, they risk their accumulated capital all their lives.

But within a few days, this country has changed. There have been 260 deaths from Corona virus while 19624 people have been affected by the virus.

No one knows for sure how much worse this situation can be and how long things will stay the same.

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Many in the United States are afraid of how the world’s greatest power looks internally weak.

It is a country that cannot be left without commenting on what is happening in any corner of the world and its leaders do not hold back in demonstrating their power.

Former director of the US Federal Security Agency’s Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Tom Friedman, predicts that in the worst case scenario, half of the population in the United States is Cod-19. The virus can be infected and can kill more than a million people.

The situation in America has reached such a point that now the news is coming that people are returning to their homeland.

According to a report, Chinese parents who proudly sent their children to the United States or London to pursue education are now sending them masks and sanitizers or sending them back home as soon as they spend up to $ 25,000. Can come.

Until two months ago, China was committed to controlling the virus to prevent deaths.

The 24-year-old student, who recently graduated from East China, said she is returning home with her roommate.

Until two months ago, China was committed to controlling the virus to prevent the deaths.

It is alleged by some constituencies in the United States that it was a time when President Trump’s administration went hand-in-hand, rather than testing and taking preventive measures.

President Trump told CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davis in January that we were in full control. He also said that he was fully confident of the information coming from China.

The situation is rapidly changing. It is surprising to see how the multi-day political debate over health care in the United States finally ended with the Corona virus test.

The Healthcare Agency (CDS) introduced its Corona virus test system, but the preliminary results obtained from the preliminary tests due to manufacturing defects were unsuccessful.

Authorities say the issues have been resolved.

Evening if tests are available, many cannot afford it.

This is a country where you are at high risk if you do not have insurance.

According to reports, due to lack of cotton swabs, gloves and other equipment corona tests are not being performed at the desired speed.

As people began to question government actions, President Trump began meetings and conferences and mobilized his administration in front of cameras, which appear to assure full support.

US journalist David Valance Wells talks about President Trump and his administration in one of their columns America is broken.

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