Effective Coronavirus safety tips



Coronavirus safety tips:

Nowadays, the world is truly revolving around coronavirus. It is consisting of relevant discussions, conferences, emergencies and everything in between. Coronavirus is a kind of illness that can spread rapidly, from person to person. Now, covid-19 is an advanced form of coronavirus that has been a rise from China’s city Wuhan.

Initially, covid-19 emerged due to animals, but now it’s spreading from person to person. It is a more dangerous infection in fact. Up to six feet (6 feet) distance can be covered by this virus via cough and sneeze.

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

Covid-19 can be detected if a person feels the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Breath abnormality (shortage)
  • Sore throat
  • pressure in the chest

It can vary from the above-mentioned symptoms to a severe complication like, lung failure, which results in a person’s death.

Safety Tips for Corona Virus:

Precaution is better than cure. When it is a matter of health, preventions are always better than a cure.

People can save themselves from the following precautions:

  • Avoid close connections with people. Especially with those who are sick. It’s a must need of today to keep the distance. Because this virus is spreading so dangerously from person to person.
  • Wash your hand from time to time. Use a medicated sanitizer.
  • Use a mask.
  • Stay at home.
  • Use tissue while sneezing and coughing.
  • Maintain close distance with people, avoid handshakes.
  • Don’t touch your nose, mouth, and eyes.

Corona Virus | How to wash your hands:

According to Expert advice, you should wash your hands with soap for about 20 seconds. Wash your hands frequently to protect yourself against these germs. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth before washing hands.

Rapid Transmission of Corona Virus:

We are not yet sure about the rapid transmission of this virus. Its exact dynamics are yet to be determined. But generally, it is transmitted via cough or sneeze. Gatherings and crowded places are at a big risk nowadays. There are huge chances of an infected person, who can put other’s life at risk too.

Role of Immune System for Covid-19:

The immune system is the protector of the human body against diseases. It consists of many structures and complex processes inside of organisms. An immune system detects viruses and other malicious agents and fights against them.

When the immune system is not working properly, your body can be at great risk. Because it results in malicious infections. The immune system can be named as a defender against harmful microorganisms.

As far as it is concerned with coronavirus, it is suggested to maintain the health system. Improve your immunity by following precautionary measures:

Improve Your Immune System:

Sleep Schedule:

Power periods of sleep are an effective way to maintain your immune system. Insufficient sleep makes the immune system less effective.

Proper Diet:

When you face improper digestion issues, it indicates a misbalancing immune system. That means you need to improve your diet. Add a healthy diet like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your daily routine. Don’t use excessive caffeine, because it affects badly your immune system.

Less smoke and alcohol:

Studies have proved the negative impacts of smoking and alcohol on the immune system. Excessive consumption of smoking and alcohol impairs the immune system.


Doing regular exercise and walks not only affects your overall body but also it has great impacts on white blood cells. Regular physical activities like walking, cycling, swimming, etc.


You can also boost your immune system by taking herbs and supplements are also taking some physical activities like birthday parties and some gym activites. Take supplements and herbs that consume vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great source to boost your immune system.

It is better to be in bed than to be in a hospital. Isolate yourself, keep distant from sick people. Follow precautionary measures. Stay safe everyone, take good care of yourself and your beloved ones.

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