Plantronics SUPRAPLUS HW251 vs Jabra Evolve 30 UC Mono – Which is best Corded Headsets?



Although we live in an era of new smart gadgets like smartphones and laptops that have made our life easy but with the increase in the noise pollution around, we have to use headphones for clear communications. Office headsets are in high demand that not only block out background noises but provides everlasting comfort too. They are built with quality materials and mechanisms that supply you with quality audio, noise cancellation, and comfort. Here we have chosen two master companies models for you to choose between the best of the best. Plantronics SUPRAPLUS HW251 and Jabra Evolve 30 UC Mono are the two models with amazing features that will fulfill your demands click here

Plantronics SUPRAPLUS HW251 Corded Headset

These Plantronics headsets are engineered with world-class sound performance. These are slim, elegant, and stylish headsets are best for peroneal and professional use. They are laser constructed with quality materials that make them durable and reliable to use in tough situations. They are designed in a one-ear-sided style that makes them easy to wear for long hours. They are extremely light-weighted to wear for shifts and come with a cord length of 10 ft. They are built-in with a Quick disconnect that makes workers easy to move away from their desks. The microphone is designed into a voice tube style, which is adjustable to the desired place for catching the right voice quality. They are engineered with wideband VoIP and ultra-noise canceling technology. They deliver you the highest level of audio performance with reduced miscommunication. They are featured with undoubted sound quality that would make you fall in love with them. 

They provide you consistent and comfortable listening no matter how busy and noisy your environment gets. They are developed with users choose between experiencing total focus sound reduction and conversing easily with their co-workers without removing the headsets. The luxurious comfort makes you forget that you are wearing it for a long time. The ear cushion is made of the soft foam that lightly sits on the ear without the fear of falling off. They are commercial-grade headsets that deliver amazing sound voice clarity and long-lasting comfort that one can expect from Plantronics.

Jabra Evolve 30 UC Mono Corded Headset

Jabra corded headsets are the bestselling headsets with high-end performance at personal and professional levels. They are ideally used for VOIP softphone and smartphone. They are integrated with USB and 3.5mm jack for connectivity. They can be connected with PCs via USB and other devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets by 3.5mm jack. They are easy to plug and play. They are integrated with the call control unit for managing calls. They can be used at work and to listen to music wherever you may be. They provide you easy call management with large buttons to control call just the way you like. The large buttons manage the call answer/decline, mute, and volume +/- adjustment without any inconvenience. They are designed to make you more productive by reducing the noise level around you to the maximum. They are engineered with a noise-canceling microphone that eliminates background noise, thus giving you peaceful conversation. They are featured with Peak stop technology that protects your ears from high levels of sounds that can damage your hearing. They block out the sound above 118dBA. They are featured with LED indicators that work as do not disturb sign when you are active on the calls.  
These corded headsets from both companies are featured with the best-advanced components of the sound to make you hear the quality and natural sound. They are highly affordable and most recommended headphones in the audio industry for call centers and other telecommunication purposes. They will give you an outstanding talking and hearing experience like never before.

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