Hidden spy apps for android without root



Android phones are vast in usage than other smartphones OS. Whether its children, worker, or individual, 80% of them have Android devices. As everyone has easy access to the internet so the online crime ratio has been seen as increasing. To prevent loved ones or workers from digital threats, people take the help of spy technology. 

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Normally, a buyer has to physically get access to the targeted device to install the spy app in it. But some people don’t use spy apps because they have some trust issues. They have a fear of being caught while installing the app. It seems to be a pretty daunting task to find such apps, which also offer remote installation or tracking without any root. 

But spy technology has brought such advancement that some apps offer a remote installing process as well. In this way, a user feels more secure and confidential to track their loved one or business employees. Here we will look at some brilliant tool based hidden spy apps for Android.

How does Spy Apps track Android without root?

There are two methods of installation that some advance apps offer. 

1- Get physical access to targeted Android and Install selected spy app.

2- Remote installation without getting access to the targeted Android device.

In the remote installation process, a user needs to contact a specific spy app site online. The website technical team gives you remote access to the targeted phone. Some best sellers offer this service free of cost or some charge any hidden cost. There are also some terms and conditions in the agreement where the company gets some detailed information about the targeted person and device. After approving your request, the site gives you a code with which you can start remote monitoring. 

Another way of remote installation is to get access to the targeted phone through call or SMS. In this process, a user has to send a message or call to the targeted person. When a targeted person will respond to your message or call, then a code will generate which will create a root of tracking.  After that, you can instantly start remote and secret monitoring, which is a 100% undetectable process. You can track the targeted person’s social media accounts, phone calls, messages, multimedia, secret passwords and other functions as well.

Top Hidden Spy Apps for android without root

The trendy spy apps are also reliable, but not 100%. There might be some hidden stalkers who can make you fool at any time. So be aware and have a look at our selected list. Here we will discuss only the spy apps which facilitate people with remote installation.


TheOneSpy is a web-based spying app that provides untraceable and undetectable monitoring. TOS facilitates people with advanced installation processes in which a user can conveniently get secret access to a targeted Android phone without any root. The app is made of a special coded algorithm which enables it to perform 250 plus functions in real-time.


Spyzie is the second most preferable app because of its smart working. This app also allows the user to track any targeted phone without rooting. The app serves the users with efficient functionality and flexibility as well. It enables the user to get remote access to the targeted mobile screen and perform remote actions.


It is another rich featured spy app that provides easy remote installation service. It enables the user to keep track of their kids/worker without any root. Cocospy records all information and automatically transfers it on the user’s web-portal.

Besides these three there are more spy apps as well, which provide installation service without any root. These apps are mSpy, TheTruthSpy, FlexiSPY and Xnspy as well. 


In this highly technological time, there is high competition in spy apps. In this article, we made it easy for you to know the perfect and trustworthy hidden spy apps for Android which provides a remote installation way. Millions of parents are taking huge advantage from these apps by remotely seeing their kid’s activities. Business is also become enable to efficiently and confidentially perform in the international market. Besides that, an individual is also enjoying it by fearlessly viewing their partner’s secret activities.

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