3 Little Secrets for Viral Video


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“Little Charlie My Finger”, “Call Me Maybe,” and, more recently, “Gangnam Style.” All of them are viral videos that at first glance can’t see anything special. However, they have become sensational strikes, millions of comments, subscribers and have been uploaded to various video and social media thousands of times.

Just what are all their viruses and how can you replicate them for their videos? Today, we will reveal three secrets that can help boost the views of your videos and, if used wisely, can be the key to making all of your upcoming videos a complete success.

Secret # 1. Content is not everything

The viral video is not just about the content it depends on quality or trend. It’s also about how you are going to deliver the message and who your target audience is. You can’t expect vegans when your video is about lamb chops. That is, you should follow the following:

  • Your video should be relevant and useful to your target audience/clients.
  • Regardless of your theme, your video should contain some aspects that are popular in all videos, such as music, drumming, chaos, and more.
  • Never forget to optimize your video title, description, and tag.
  • Always use thumbnails, which also feature interesting and accurate video content.

Secret # 2. Go ahead to spread the love

If you don’t like and share your video, why do others? You need to start tracking people to get and start sharing your new video. 

Here are some tips about where you start sharing:

  • Your Website:
  • Your blog
  • Other People’s Blogs (via Guest)
  • Your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.)
  • Forums:
  • Send to family, friends, and acquaintances

Secret # 3. If all fails, you go to your viral videos

You see, not all viral videos got where they naturally are. Many were on their way up. Believe it or not, some scientists, such as those from Hollywood, actually use this method as well.

Basically what you do here is watch, watch, watch and subscribe (opinions are the most important). While the method seems to be cheating on something else, it’s a way to open the door to your channel and upcoming video opportunities. 

By promoting your video, you’ll be able to show and recognize the look and feel of the most-watched video on a given week or category on the YouTube page. Therefore, it makes it easy for people to find your videos, which can lead them to subscribe to and watch your next programs. So next time you don’t need to use any kind of incentive.

Viral videos don’t seem to be everyone, and you certainly don’t need to spend years and thousands of tanks on your videos to keep up with the constant buzz. You just have to be smart with your marketing strategy. 

Check out the secrets we shared with you and tried out our YouTube services: it can be the key to success, waiting for you to use it.All these tips that we have just shared in the article Buy IG Followers UK will allow you to increase organically and naturally the users who want to follow you because they like your profile, the hashtag that you move and how you interact with the contents.

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