8 must-do’s for a successful Instagram business strategy


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Ten years ago, nobody suspected that social networks would become so important for business. Instagram plays a big role in the success of your company. We’ll show you what to do if you want to beat your competitors.

Understand your target group

You can be the best photographer and social media manager, your content can be incomparable, but none of this makes sense if you don’t understand who you’re doing it for.

Take the time to find out who your existing audience is and consider if you still want to reach them. Since you are using Instagram for marketing, you need to consider whether they are potential buyers.

How can you learn more about your audience?

Try Instagram Insights

The tool offers some interesting insights (hence the name) of the people who follow and interact with your account. These include:

  • Impressions: How often was your content viewed?
  • Reach: Total number of accounts that have seen your content.
  • Website clicks: How many clicks did the link get in your company profile?
  • Follower activity: How often are your followers on Instagram every day?
  • Video Views: How many times has your video content been viewed?
  • Saved: How many people have saved your posts?

Insights also includes demographic information so you can see where your followers are from, how old they are, and their gender.

Talk to your audience

Share your pictures

You work hard to get new followers and you want to keep them. That means you have to show appreciation if they publish great content themselves. And if you prove that you are listening to and giving feedback to your audience, it will improve the image of your brand. In addition, you get beautiful pictures that you can use for free. And Buy Instagram followers for your post like. If you have more followers, then you can get more likes on your picture.

Organize competitions

The best way to get interaction from your audience is through open questions. And one of the easiest ways to do this is through competitions. People love the opportunity to respond, and a little healthy competition helps a lot.

Simple Instagram contests include:

  • “Caption”

Ask your audience about their creativity and share the best answers.

Use a clear hashtag for each competition to easily track the answers.

Use hashtags

Hashtags help you organize and categorize images and video content to make it easier to find content. They provide an easy way to tag your content.

Here are some proven hashtag methods:

  • Don’t overdo it: 5 targeted hashtags are better than 25 inaccurate ones.
  • Avoid very popular tags: adding “#love” or “#instagood” is useless.
  • No spam: keep it relevant to the picture.

We have two options for you, which hashtags you can choose for your posts:

General hashtags

These are hashtags that anyone can use, depending on the content of an image. But frankly, these examples are so broad that it can be difficult to be noticed with them.

Instead, try to find niche hashtags in your industry. This increases your chances of getting the ideal audience for your content.

Brand hashtags

When you start an Instagram campaign, a brand hashtag is a must.

Brand hashtags are specific tags that apply only to your brand. This can be your brand name, the name of a product or person or something special that you have created for your campaign.

Create beautiful pictures

Posting great content is critical to Instagram marketing. Instagram is all about pictures. The entire network was created so people could share their photos. This is especially true if you sell products online.

Change the style and theme

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t just post photos of your products and hope customers buy them. Your followers turn off quickly and you are unlikely to win new ones.

Instead, you should vary the type of content to inspire, inspire, and keep your followers long-term.

6 Instagram content types that work well:

  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Take a look behind the scenes
  • Creative problem solving (with your products)
  • Influencer content
  • Motivating pictures

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Add calls to action

“Link in the bio”

An easy way is to point out the link in the bio to users. A link to the website or order page can be placed there.

Promo codes

Since you cannot insert a link in the image, give users all other necessary information. What can you buy, where can you buy it and why should you buy it (what is the advantage)?

Tell Stories

Stories differ in some points from your usual Instagram posts:

  • Every picture is deleted after 24 hours
  • Since the images are displayed in full screen mode, there are no subtitles
  • Other users cannot see comments

All stories are at the top of the app and users can click through them to find the ones they like.

Do you want to get started on Instagram?

Work with influencers

Influencers are the VIPs in the industry and their opinion is very important to (young) buyers. Whether you’re trying to expand your Instagram presence or make sales, confirmation is exactly what you need.

To do this, you first need to identify the right people. Good influencers should:

  • have a suitable audience,
  • be visible in your industry
  • and have something to influence their followers ’decisions

In other words, they really have to be influential.

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