4 Simple Solutions to Save Instagram Videos


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A website like IgVideoDownloader.com Just copy the Instagram link and paste in the box then click on the download button. Find out how to simply back up Instagram videos. On the menu: collections, StorySaver, Story Reposter, use a web downloader…

We all have wanted to save a video or story using an InstaDownloaderPro at least once.

Knowing how to save Instagram videos allows you to:

  • Share useful content with your audience,
  • Increase your interactivity on Instagram,
  • Interact and collaborate with other accounts.

If you want to download someone else’s video and publish it to your account, you must:

  • Credit the person concerned,
  • Have his authorization.

I also invite you to read Instagram’s copyright policy (available in French).

As my stepfather (Coucou Gérard) rightly says, we do not joke with the law.

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4 Save photos and videos to your collections

It is the simplest and also the most obvious method. You can save any post on Instagram via the collections.

You create folders (collections) in which you can save the photos and videos that you have recorded.

 Save videos to your Instagram collections

When you see a photo or video that you want to save, you click on the icon at the bottom right.

Once you click on this icon, it is saved in your saved articles.

Find your collections in saved articles

To access it, all you have to do is go to your Instagram profile, click on the hamburger menu at the top right and select saved articles.

Difficult to make it simpler, right?

To organize and sort your saved items, you can create collections according to your interests.

For example, I have collections on:

  • Street art in Lyon,
  • Freelance publications that inspire me,
  • Street art in Paris…

This solution allows you to find any photo you have saved at any time on Instagram.

In short, it is very practical and very simple but it has a major drawback: you cannot repost (repost) this content directly in your feed, unless you use a third-party application like Repost.

3- Save your story videos

If you have created a story video, you can save it easily before posting it.

Even if you published the video in your Instagram stories, you can still save it.

Click on your story, start watching it, then click on the small dots at the bottom right, and click on record the video.

The video will be directly recorded on your smartphone.

Practical, right?

Pro tip

Go to Settings >> Security & Privacy >> Story options >> Save and checkmark to have your story photos and videos automatically saved to your phone.

2- Use an app to save Instagram story videos

The easiest way to save an Instagram video to your phone to repost and share it with your audience is to use a third-party app.

 Using a third-party app will allow you to easily back up any other video from any other account (provided you have permission).

To help you, I have listed four applications that exist (two on Android and two on iOS).

StorySaver (Android)

I like StorySaver. It’s the one I use every day and I couldn’t find anything to complain about. This free application allows you to download videos and photographs of Instagram stories of the people you follow. StorySaver is very intuitive and very easy to learn. With a few finger presses, voila.

Story Reposter (iOS)

I’ve never had an iPhone so it’s hard for me to tell you about Story Reposter in depth. It would do more or less the same functionality as StorySaver. Do not hesitate to leave me your opinion on Story Reposter in comment.

Quick Reposter (iOS)

If you are not a fan of Story Reposter, you can always fall back on Quick Reposter. As already seen, more or less the same functions as his two friends …

Quick Save (Android)

With over 3 million downloads in the Play Store, Quick Save is a good alternative to StorySaver. I will be completely transparent. Compared to my needs, StorySaver doing the job perfectly, I did not test Quick Save. Sorry, I may be breaking a myth, but I don’t spend my days testing new apps.

On the contrary, I would rather tend to have a minimalist approach and regularly remove the applications that I no longer use.

How many apps do you have on your Phone?

1-  Use a web downloader

 Last possibility, you can use websites that allow you to save Instagram videos on your computer. Small drawback, you will not be able to publish it directly on Instagram. You’ll first need to import the video to your phone before you publish it.

On the other hand, it is a very practical way to save videos or photos just for the pleasure of having them available, while warm on your computer.

For example:


Remember (and share) on how to save Instagram videos

You can save your photos and videos in your collections.

To automatically save your story videos (and photos), go to Settings >> Security & Privacy >> Story options >> Save and check the option.

StorySaver, Story Reposter, Quick Resposter or Quick Save allow you to save story videos of the people you follow.


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