Do you have low income very less budget but high dreams . your pocket limits you don’t worry here we care  about you we are with you we provide you facility in cute prices . Here we are presenting you polarizer film in nice price for your comfort .

Our corporation 3Dlens corporation is going to in introduce polarizer film of wavelength of 400nm to 700 nm with the life grantee of 10 to 20 year. It is made of three layers of PVA  in addition to TAC for extra support. It is best for polarization of light experiments light scattering, rotator and reflection. The linear polarizing film is tear by scissors and cutter.


Available in  attractive colours such as neutral gray a very classical  colour.

Having polarizing efficiency upto 99.98%

Both sides contain protective film and it is also adhesive in nature.

It cuts ultra violet rays .

Linear in direction.


Liner polarizer film of 50 by 50 mm is $2.00

Linear polarizer film 100by 100 mm with adhesive is $2.00

Linear polarizer 200 by 250 mm is $7.80

Linear polarizer film 200 by 250 mm is $8.80

Linear polarizer film 250 by 300 mm is $12.00

Linear polarizer film 620 by 1000mm is $78.00

Linear polarizer film 620 by 1000mm with adhesive $86.00


polarizer is a sheet that filter light  wave and block other waves to pass through it .our company’s 3D polarizer film widely used in research labs ,optical industry ,equipment .  It is made of glass , crystal, and plastic . Mostly use in screens of calculator , monitors , movie glasses and sun glasses , camera filter dental photography etc it all shows that polarizer film become need life .Its absence make life somehow  unbalance because we are living in modern words the world of science and technology . At that time there are two types of polarizer is made one is iodine polarizing film and dye type polarizing film . some films are hydrophilic in nature so these films are swollen and dipped stained dichoric dye solution . the dichoric solution is mostly is made up of  iodine and potassium iodide and you all very well aware from the qualities of these elements . To the next extended dye is also used which increases the optical activity of polarizer. The use of dye also protect it from stretches and fracture . Iodine make it more permeable and provide a wider range of wave length . the structure in which we design it and material we use it  make it stylish in addition to it make it heat resistance , so it can used in many things. In short we provide you a very reliable product in very reasonable price that creates alots of easiness in your life . It almost polarize all types of light such as linearly polarized light, Ellipitical polarized ligh , the circularly polarized light etc  

BY using our product you will get self confidence and surety of reliability satisfication . In this fastly growing world the stylish world it is highly demanded so hurry  up don’t waste your time run step by step to this world .

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