What to look for when buying a charger for your phone

Averagely everybody replaces a phone charger about two or three times a year if not more. I can’t stress how important they are. Some get broken fast because they are not durable or well made. Its more advantageous to shell out as much as it takes to get a good one. It will last way longer with careful use.

I use the LG G4. Its a sweet phone and it is a power hungry beast. Having a fast charger for it is a must. Its easy to know a fast charger when I want to pick up one for my phone because it indicates when its connected to a fast charger.

To buy a good charger in Cameroon for example, be ready to spend about 5000frs. Its a safe bet to get an “ariamo” branded charger. They are generally good chargers.

But if you can’t find one, this is how I recommend to select a good charger.

  1. A Samsung branded charger is a safer bet.
  2. Most importantly, look at its output power specifications. The voltages are almost always standard at 5.0V but what you should watch out for is the current. For a fast charger it should not be less than 2.0A or 200mA. 2.1A is even better. Higer than that you run the risk of blowing your phone.
  3. It should feel premium especially the usb cable. The rubber its made from should be somewhat bouncy and tough.
  4. The price. A charger with these specifications will usually cost about 5000frs. If its less, say 2000frs even with the recommended power specifications, then the specifications are false.
  5. You’ll have a higher chance getting a real Samsung charger at spots where they sell used accessories and chargers. Its not a guarantee but I think is safer.

Following these guidelines should get you a good charger for your phone but the ultimate test will be how fast it will charge your phone to full capacity. Mine takes about 30-40 minutes (estimated figures) to charge to full capacity

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