BlackBerry to launch ‘Key2’ on June 7th

BlackBerry took on twitter to announce that it would be hosting a launch event on June 7th in New York City to unveil a new device which we suspect its the BlackBerry key2. Its not yet clear what the device will be called but it will be a successor to the BlackBerry keyone.

What we have gathered about the device is that it will have a refined physical keyboard which made the keyone unsuccessful in its niche category.

Rumors have suggested that this year’s model could be a solid improvement over the KEYone, keeping things like the same unusual screen size and resolution, while using a better processor, the Snapdragon 660 chip, and upping the RAM to 6GB, and switching to a dual-camera configuration. If it manages to do all that while maintaining its exceptional battery life and (fingers crossed) fixing some of its audio and performance issues, so much the better.

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