5 Things you are Doing Wrong on your Android Phone

There are things or ways you use your android phone which will make your phone not run optimally. This must sound interesting because you surely can’t think of anything you are doing wrong when using your phone. Some of them are things that seem so natural, almost as if it were designed to be so, they are simple things that affect the running of your device. But I assure you they are wrong ways to go

Manually closing apps from the multitask drawer or using an app killer

Google has made android a very capable platform especially when it comes to multitasking. Android lets you run multiple apps at the same time and you can switch between apps with just a gesture. People tend to close apps manually from the card drawer in an attempt to speed up the device. It doesn’t work like that. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Android is excellent at managing RAM. When it determines that there is a shortage of RAM, android automatically closes an app or apps that you have not used for a long time freeing precious RAM for apps currently in use. On the other hand, when you close an app or use an app killer, the app is slow to open the next time you open it because it will take time for app information to load on the RAM using additional resources and draining your batteries. I know it’s quite fun swiping away the apps but let android do the job

Using antivirus apps on android

It must have crossed your mind whether having security software on your android device is as important as it is on windows. Personally I don’t think so. Google brings great protection to android both on the device level and the cloud. Google play services (which am sure you must have wondered what it does) on android have scanning and security services which work in the background making sure that you are safe and secure from protection harmful apps. The developers of such apps know this, that is why they include additional services such as anti-theft, logging alongside the promised virus protection in the app to make sure that they can market the apps

Using apps that clear cache

They are various apps dedicated to clearing cache data. Again this is not recommended. Cache is the most regularly used app data stored in the cache memory for easier access. It makes the app opens and loads faster and already have some content to show you when you open it up. Clearing app cache means the next time you open the app, it would take that much time to load the data on the cache. Data which has to be downloaded from a server makes it much worse (especially if your internet is slow) An example is the Facebook app. Clearing its cache data means all the temporarily stored data and pictures will be deleted and have to be downloaded, so the app takes more time to load and also taking up more resources thus draining the battery faster

Installing apps from unknown sources

It is so much easier to fire up Xender or Flashshare and collect tons of apps from a friend. Android has made the ability to install apps from unknown sources very easy. This has led to security and piracy concerns. Apks can be easily tampered with to inject malicious code which will make the app look and feel the same during use but might be accessing personal data in the background like account passwords etc. make sure to always install apps from the Google playstore or from reliable sources. Avoid looking for moded or free versions of paid apps because it puts you at risk and also takes away from the hard work of the developers.

Using power saving apps.

This is also a myth in the android world. Battery saver apps don’t save your battery. In fact, they are pretty resource intensive apps in themselves. They work by turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, lowering screen brightness and closing apps running in the background. These are things you can easily do by yourself. These apps in addition to the fact they don’t work, constantly use network to download and display ads and annoying notification which also drain your battery.

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