XAG Labs: Who will become the wings of the butterfly effect of digital wealth?

One of the super nodes WR of XAG public chain XrpalikeGene issued an announcement to fulfill the obligations of XAG nodes on September 15. In an instant, the XAG price rose from 0.009usdt to 0.0234usdt (data extracted from vvcoin2.com), with a maximum increase of 260%. According to the content of the announcement and the comments of some XAG communities, the author learned that the sharp rise of XAG is actually a long drought and rain. Fans in the circle think that the admission at the bottom leads to the sharp rise of its price. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the social attention to XAG is extraordinary. Only one node’s performance of its obligations has caused the market butterfly effect, and its internal drive is intriguing.

According to the analysis of professionals who have long paid attention to XrpalikeGene in the industry, XAG belongs to the token of XrpalikeGene public chain and was launched and circulated in July 2019. Without ICO links, the direct online and open circulation at the initial price of 0.003usdt has been regarded as the advantage of non foam driving, making the international super ripple nodes pursuing low cost of the ripple system cheap, and therefore the price of XAG has been heated up. However, because the main purpose of XrpalikeGene public chain is to promote self financial payment application (according to the white paper Secretary of xrpgen.com of XAG, self finance is the concept of DeFi, which is the earliest DeFi description found so far), its actual application is different from XRP’s inter agency cross-border payment application, Instead, it leads the unlimited free conversion and consumption payment of private assets and provides infrastructure on the chain for asset operation and management. Based on the above development concept, in addition to active community construction, XAG’s core links need to be promoted synchronously with auxiliary tools and technical supporting facilities to be improved, so as to realize the instantaneous identification and rapid transformation of assets. As we all know, the realization of application value takes time to precipitate, but holding for a long time can not meet the patience of speculators. Those speculative profit-making capital will only die and become a beautiful shadow. We think XAG will not become an exception for speculators to follow the wind and waves. The sharp rise of XAG is a big reversal of the decline trend, which can be called the main force of speculation. Its potential is not formed by small funds, which is undoubtedly related to the march of the unknown main force. One of the driving factors that cannot be excluded is that the infrastructure of XrpalikeGene has made rapid practical progress after two years of technical improvement and expansion, which may be the main reason why flowers attract butterflies.

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Obviously, there is a large time difference between the expected hype and value presentation of most projects in the market, and there will be faults or even twists in the price response. However, due to the market intervention disclosed by WR and the sensitive response of XAG price, it seems that XAG has long been prepared for the pace of implementation. The author perceives that the presentation of consensus value needs to continuously pay in money, time, resource cost and the collaborative resonance of community and other factors. The process of value accumulation not only reflects the state of project promotion, but also confirms the degree of social dependence on the coexistence of benefits of consensus. In the time gap between expectation and value realization, the scientific operation mechanism of the project often plays the role of consensus value, which is the butterfly effect distributed from the inside to the outside of the circle, and its scale and momentum are still determined by the change of initiation power. This time, XAG has become an example verification.


As an ordinary investor, if you can have an insight into the potential power of the driving effect in the early stage of the project and hold it with enough patience, it can be said to keep up with the rhythm of the main force, then time can become a positive value multiple.


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