Why Your Laptop Is So Sluggish and What to Do About It?

If your Windows laptop isn’t as fast as it used to be, there are many ways to get it working like new again. You can speed up a newer laptop by closing a few apps, turning off Power Saver mode, or updating the operating system. But if your laptop is older, you may need to replace the hard drive or memory cards. Here are the most common reasons why your Windows laptop might be running slowly and what you can do to speed things up.

Power Saver Mode needs to be turned off.

You might have turned on Power Saver mode at some point in the past to help your battery last longer. If so, switching your Windows PC to Balanced or High Performance mode will speed it up quickly.

Fix: Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard to open Settings and turn off Power Saver mode on your laptop. Then click Additional Power Settings under System > Power & Sleep. Lastly, in the left sidebar, click Create a power plan and choose either Balanced or High performance.

How to Stop Power Saver Mode 1 from Working

You can also quickly turn off Power Saver mode by clicking the battery icon in your taskbar and moving the slider all the way to the right.

how to fix slow laptop

How to Stop Power Saver Mode 2 from Working

If your laptop is running Windows 11, you can find all of these options by pressing the Windows + I keys on your keyboard and going to System > Power & battery. Then, click the drop-down menu next to Power mode and choose Balanced or Best Performance.

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How to Stop Power Saver Mode 3 from Working

Stop programmes that are running in the background.
If your laptop is slow, closing as many programmes as you can is one of the easiest things you can do. Some programmes, though, keep running in the background even after you close them. These programmes can use up a lot of your laptop’s processing power, which can slow it down.

Fix: You can close programmes that are running in the background by using Windows Task Manager. To do this, press Ctrl, Alt, Delete, and then click Task Manager on your keyboard. Then, make sure to click More details in the bottom-left corner to see which programmes are using your computer’s CPU, memory, and other resources.

How to Fix Slow Laptop

Click the Process tab in the top left corner, and then click the header of any column to see which programmes are using the most resources. Lastly, choose a programme and click End Task in the window’s bottom-right corner to force quit it.

But there may be some programmes running in the background that are essential for your laptop to work. So, before you choose to force quit a programme, make sure you know what it is.

You Have Too Many Programmes for New Businesses

If you have too many programmes open when you turn on your laptop, it might be slowing down. When you turn on your computer, these programmes will open automatically and keep running until you turn off your computer. This will slow everything down.

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The fix is to press the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete keys on your keyboard and choose Task Manager. This will show you which programmes are running when you turn on your laptop. Then click the tab at the top of the window that says “Startup.” Lastly, choose a programme and click Disable in the window’s bottom-right corner.

You can also click the header of the Startup Impact column to see which programmes are slowing down your laptop the most.

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Why Is My Laptop so Slow? I Turned Off the Startup Process in Task Manager

Close all programmes before turning off your computer to speed up the booting process even more. This way, programmes won’t try to start up each time you turn on your laptop.

Your operating system needs to be updated.

If you haven’t updated your OS in a while, you may not have the latest driver updates and software patches. This can slow down your laptop and leave you vulnerable to security holes that hackers can use to take over your computer.

Fix: Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard to open Settings and see if you need to update your OS. Then, go to Update & Security and click Check for updates. If any updates are available, click Download.

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How to Get Windows to Update

After That, You Will Have to Restart Your Laptop for The Changes to Take Effect. when The Update Files Are Done Downloading, Click the “restart Now” Button.

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Most of the time, Windows updates with major new features twice a year. On the other hand, patches are released every month to improve security and fix bugs. Make sure your system is up to date if your laptop seems to be running slower than usual.

There is malware on your laptop.

If you get pop-up ads on your laptop or programmes crash for no reason, your computer may have malware (malicious software). Your computer can get a virus if you open emails from people you don’t know or download files from websites that look sketchy.

Malware comes in many forms, and each one can slow down your laptop for a different reason. Some malware can get into the memory of your laptop and then spread to other files and programmes on your computer. Hackers can also use malware to steal your personal information, like your bank details or other personal data.

To get rid of malware from your computer, which is the fix.

Click the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then, in the search box, type “Security” and click “Open.” Next, click Virus & threat protection, and then click Quick scan.

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