What’s New on Instagram in 2022: New Features and Updates!

There is a compelling reason why Instagram is still a major social media platform in 2022. Instagram has 2 billion monthly users as of December 2021. Instagram’s constant evolution and feature additions attest to the app’s popularity. If you missed any of 2021 or 2022’s new Instagram features and changes, this article has you covered.

As a social media marketer, you know how important it is to stay on top of platform changes. To help you take advantage of the latest Instagram updates, we’ve compiled all the pertinent details into this handy blog post. First, we’ll go over the most recent Instagram changes, and then we’ll review the ones from a while back that are still important. Without further ado, let’s check out the cool new stuff Instagram has added.

A Guide to Grid-Based Pinning on Instagram

What’s New on Instagram in 2022: New Features and Updates!

You may now “pin” your posts to the top of your Instagram feed.

That is to say, you shouldn’t write off your previous material just yet. Twitter and TikTok already had this capability, so it was clear that Instagram users wanted it too.

Ig Stories that Only Last 60 Seconds (without Any Cuts)

Slowly but surely, Instagram is adding yet another helpful function. Users can now post Instagram Stories up to 60 seconds in length, rather than the standard 15 seconds.

It’s a great improvement that eliminates the need to re-add user mentions, tags, places, links, etc. after every 15 seconds, making for smoother playback of your Story clip.

Instagram’s Algorithm in 2022: An Explanation

For a long time, the underlying idea of Instagram’s algorithm was unknown, and mastery required much trial and error. Although this is no longer the case, thanks to a video explanation from Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, which he shared on Twitter.

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Refreshed Instagram Reels Coming in 2022

What’s New on Instagram in 2022: New Features and Updates!

When Instagram first launched reels in 2020, they immediately became a huge hit. Instagram is clearly committed to this new format and is always striving to improve it, as evidenced by the platform’s decision in July 2021 to quadruple the maximum time of the Reels. Instagram’s new feature is constantly being improved with additional editing tools like the double exposure function and the timer.

Shared Instagram Posts Feature Collaborations

One other helpful addition is the ability to make shared posts. You and your coworker will both see the update in your feeds and on their profiles.

Films of Imaginary Responses

A new version of Instagram’s Reel named “Reels Visual Replies” was released at the end of 2021. The video reply tool lets you respond to comments left on your Reels posts by your followers.

This is a fantastic new approach for content makers to interact with their audiences by responding to the feedback they receive in the comments.

Tips for Tracking Down Instagram Highlight Videos

To reach the Reels creation area you need to hit the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose ‘Reels’. Some of the Reels’ functions can be used while recording, while others only when the recording is done. Give it a go and build your own, intriguing content!

One more feature is that you can remix any of your Reels at any time, giving you almost infinite options for how to use your video.

Quickly navigate through Reels by clicking the “play” symbol in the bottom center of your screen.

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You can now also search for other Reels that use the same music by clicking the audio icon inside a specific Reel.

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