What You Need to Know About Android 13 Easter Eggs and How to Find Them

When our Google Pixel 6a review unit finally got the Android 13 upgrade, we were among the first to start tapping on version numbers. You see, Google has been known to sneak in one or more amusing Easter eggs into new releases of Android. If you tap the number “13” enough times, something should appear.

Yes, this Easter egg was there in the Android 13 Beta, so it’s not completely unexpected. Most people aren’t on the Beta programme, so this will be your first chance to experience Android 13’s surprise hidden screen. We’ve even included some advice on how to use the end result as wallpaper.

Put the Easter Egg Into Circulation

What You Need to Know About Android 13 Easter Eggs and How to Find Them

To begin, simply access the “Android version” menu. The Android device will direct you through the process of finding the appropriate settings. Open this screen and press the “13” beneath the Android version many times. The time will be displayed on the screen.

The clock hands will correspond to your current time, and your wallpaper will appear in the background. The second step is to wind the clock’s minute hand until it reaches exactly one o’clock, or 13:00 hours if you’re using 24-hour time. Get it, 13?

A number 13 will appear in the centre, surrounded by colourful dots. You can stop here and make a wallpaper, but there is one more step that takes this Easter Egg into full gear. The final thing to do is hold your finger down on the screen until you feel a pulse, then let go.

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What You Need to Know About Android 13 Easter Eggs and How to Find Them

The dots on the screen have transformed into emojis, all with the same design. It might also be fruit, hearts, or zodiac symbols. To mix things up, you might see turtles and stars one moment, monkeys the next, or melted happy faces. Whatever the topic, the first thing we thought was that it would make wonderful wallpaper for a true Android 13 enthusiast.

Put it in the forefront of your mind by making it your default home screen.
There are two different methods for creating wallpaper in Android 13.0. To access cards within the app window, you can either swipe and hold or press the central button. You can take a screenshot by clicking the button labelled “Screenshot” that appears below the window.

A screenshot can be taken by tapping that button, however, it will not look exactly like the original. For some reason, Android 13 will wipe your wallpaper and replace it with a plain black background. If this is more to your liking, feel free to set this image as your desktop background.

Put in a screenshot by holding down the Power and the Volume Down keys if you want to save your backdrop. The wallpaper background will be preserved in the screenshot. It’s not easy to accomplish, and you’ll want to close all of your pop-up windows before you snap the photo or they’ll show up in the final product.

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