What to Do if You Haven’t Received Your OTP for Disney Hotstar

OTP for Disney Hotstar not received? Are you having issues using OTP to sign into Disney Plus Hotstar? You’ve come to the correct location, people. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide so you can understand what can be the cause of it and how to fix the problem. Just be composed and carefully read the message.

One of the most well-known OTT services, Disney plus Hotstar, allows users to watch a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, web series, cartoons, anime, and more. It features some original content and keeps its audience thoroughly entertained.

However, it continues to alter its login authentication procedures for security and user-friendly reasons. Initially, all users needed to access Hotstar was their email address. But after that, the app began using both email addresses and phone numbers for the login procedure. It started sending SMS-based OTPs.

In essence, this was done to close up all the gaps in the security nomenclature. However, it appears that viewers are not responding well to this idea.

Why Is My Disney Hotstar Otp Not Being Received?

What to Do if You Haven't Received Your OTP for Disney Hotstar

This well-liked OTT platform’s devoted users and subscribers have complained that anytime they attempt to sign in, an OTP is sent to their smartphone. they allegedly never receive it despite waiting for so long.

Users in large numbers have reported this problem, thus we are here to assist you in resolving it. Simply read the entire text to get all the answers delivered right to your door.

Disney Hotstar OTP Not Received Issue: Causes and Solutions

Disney Hotstar OTP Not Received issue could be caused by a number of factors, but the following are the most common ones:

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Your network’s strength can be weaker in some cases.
The Hotstar app’s corrupted data and cache may potentially be to blame for this.

Additionally, the Messaging app might not have had the necessary permission.
The wait might be a little longer.

Many Disney+Hotstar members have complained that they are unable to access their Hotstar accounts since all of the accounts are connected to phone numbers that they are not familiar with.

What to Do if The Disney+ Hotstar 4 Digit Code Is Not Received?

What to Do if You Haven't Received Your OTP for Disney Hotstar

You may fix the problem with the Hotstar 4-digit code not being received in a number of ways, readers. For this, simply follow the tutorial below, and everything will be resolved quickly.

Disney + Hotstar is actually having trouble logging in because the method has changed from using an email to using an SMS-based OTP. The whole affair began in February when Disney+Hotstar formally began converting its subscribers’ login information from email addresses to phone numbers.

Due to the fact that OTPs are thought of as a more secure method of transaction, this step was actually made to boost security. In actuality, this two-factor authentication advances it to Netflix as well.

1. Activate Flight Mode

Well, network issues are the main reason OTP is frequently not received. Therefore, if you believe that a network issue is the main cause of your inability to get the Hotstar 4-digit OTP, one thing you may do is to briefly use flight mode on your device.

This will reset the network settings on your device. After that, you can turn off flight mode and see if the problem has been fixed or not.

  • Go to the notification panel and, on your screen, select its drop-down menu.
  • You can now use the panel’s flight mode (airplane icon) option to navigate.
  • You can click on it after that.
  • After a brief delay, click to turn it on.
  • It’s time to return to the Hotstar login page and touch the transmit code button once more.
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2. Activate “messages Permission

You can attempt this approach if, after using the first way, you still haven’t received an OTP on your mobile devices. Follow the straightforward instructions below to see if this worked for you.

1. First, you must select the settings option, after which you may scroll down to find the apps option.

2 – Click the Apps tab and then select the Manage Apps option.

3 – After it is finished, use the search box to browse for the messaging app.

4 – If you look at the categories under the messaging app, you can find several options for app permissions here.

5 – Select the SMS option now.

6 – Don’t forget to select the option to accept.

3. Clear Damaged Data and Cache Using

In case the two approaches mentioned above don’t work, consider another approach. Your cache or corrupted data may be the real problem in this case. The Disney Hotstar OTP Not Received issue may also result from this. Because it occasionally happens, damaged data may clash with the application which typically results in OTP sending problems.

So that you can clear cache or corrupted data, try this procedure.

1 – To start, you must first click on the Settings option, then select the Apps option.

2 – Next, you must select the option to manage apps.

3. You must now search for the Hotstar app.

4 – Next, start looking for a clear data option that might be available at the bottom of your mobile device’s screen.

5 – Select the options to clear the cache and the data.

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