What Is Vanish Mode on Messenger? How to use Vanish Mode in Messenger? – Check Here!

Since merging with Instagram messaging, Messenger (or Facebook Messenger) has amassed a user base of over 1.3 billion people and processes over 20 billion messages per day. Messenger conversations often persist until the user chooses to purge them.

Self-destructing messages, which destroy themselves after being viewed by the intended recipient, have been available on services like Snapchat and Telegram for some time now. Facebook integrated a new tool called Vanish Mode into Messenger to allow its users to send messages that automatically expire after being read.

What is Vanish Mode in Messenger?

Using the Messenger app’s Vanish Mode, you can send disappearing messages to any of your current conversation partners. These communications will only exist until the intended recipient opens them, and then they will vanish. It’s an excellent method for exchanging short notes without filling up your usual chat.

A screenshot of the Vanish Mode conversation will warn both you and your friend. Even if you turn off Vanish Mode, your messages will still be included in a report of a chat session for up to an hour after you last saw it. By default, it is not activated, therefore if someone sends you a Vanish Mode message,

Messenger App Vanish Mode

you won’t be able to see it until you activate Vanish Mode in your own chat (and vice-versa). The Messenger app on iOS and Android now has a “Vanish Mode” that allows users to hide their online presence from others; this feature is gradually expanding beyond the United States.

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How to use Vanish Mode in Messenger

You’ll need Messenger (formerly Facebook Messenger) on your iOS or Android device in order to use Vanish Mode.

  1. To begin chatting with someone, launch Messenger. There can’t be a group chat, therefore it’ll have to be a one-on-one exchange to use Vanish Mode.
  2.  Drag your finger up from the bottom of the screen. Activating Vanish Mode involves swiping, as you’ll be instructed to do. Hold down your finger and move it around the circle icon until it’s completely filled.
  3. The current conversation will vanish, and a blank Vanish Mode screen will appear in its place. The first time you activate Vanish Mode, a window will appear with helpful information regarding the feature.
  4. Fourth, you can carry on communication in the same way you would normally by sending messages and photographs on the Vanish Mode interface. These will remain in place until the recipient reads your message and ends the conversation.
  5. To exit Vanish Mode, either hit the Turn Off Vanish Mode button at the top of the screen or swipe up from the bottom again.

Messenger App Vanish Mode

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How Does Vanish Mode Work?

If you wish to use disappearance features in Messenger, you should use the most recent version of the software. You and the person you are sending a message to must both have already been connected for this option to appear. You can’t have your messages automatically deleted if the person you’re messaging doesn’t have vanish mode.

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To ensure optimal operation, it is necessary for both parties to have the functionality activated. Messenger also provides a vanish mode that users can activate on their own accord. Since it is not the default option when communicating with others, you are not obligated to utilize it. Until you exit the conversation, your messages are encrypted end-to-end and securely stored.

Messenger's Vanish Mode

Nobody, not even a hacker, will be able to read these types of messages from your Facebook account. If somebody takes a screenshot of the messages, you will be notified immediately because of the encryption. Remember that you may always report or block someone who is abusing the function.

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