Weapon Loot Crates rain in Garena Free Fire, Here How You Can get Free Gun Skin

The New Year’s Eve Party in Garena Free Fire has just begun, and you may win a variety of prizes and free in-game stuff as a result. Take part in gaming events and accomplish some quests to earn these prizes. Welcome the New Year! is one of these events. The beginning of the event begins today. The best weapon crates can be won here simply by completing a few basic tasks. Make sure to tell us how you plan to redeem your points!
Unlike other games, Free Fire’s gun skins provide a set of specialized features that give players an advantage in the game.

In several cases, skins can be obtained as part of an event. Weapon Royale and gun crates at the store are two typical ways to get them.

Gun crates, which include a variety of gun skins, are a common prize for Free Fire redeem coupons. Here is the most recent redemption code, as well as the methods to get your prizes. Click here to get it.

Garena Free Fire: Welcome to The New Year!

Welcome to Garena Free Fire for the New Year! Until today, which is January 18, 2022, the event has been running in the game. You can earn New Year 2022 Tokens, which can be redeemed for in-game items, by completing objectives quickly and easily. It’s impossible to predict the outcomes of these missions because they change constantly. You must perform the following tasks in order to get these tokens today. Play one round of matchmaking.

Enemies — 5 times to be exact.

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Get to the top 5 – once

60 minutes of play

Tokens can only be redeemed for rewards after they have been deposited. Here’s how you can get your money back: Also of interest: Garena Free Fire Redeem Code January 8 Update: There are four brand-new codes for the new year, all of which promise a slew of benefits.

Crate of Star General’s Weapons

Loot Crate from the Champion Boxer

Loot Crate for Hurricane Delivery Weapon

Crate of Superstar Weapons’ Loot.

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How To Claim Weapon Loot Crate

The New Year arrives! New Year 2022 Tokens will be required to redeem the Weapon, Loot Crate at the event. Following these steps will allow you to get your money back: Open Garena Free Fire and enter your account information. This is where you’ll find the event page if you

touch on the calendar icon on the right. The New Year Party tab above is where you’ll discover the Welcome The New Year! You’ll need to access the event management interface.

Garena Free Fire will ring in the New Year on January 10th! The show has officially begun. The best weapon crates can be won here simply by completing a few basic tasks.

It is a battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio and released by Garena for Android and iOS platforms, known as Free Fire. In 2019, it became the most popular mobile game in the world. The Google Play Store recognized the game as the “Best Popular Vote Game” of 2019.

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How to obtain a free Weapon Loot crate through Free Fire redeem code

Free Fire redeem code: FFMC2SJLKXSB

Rewards: 2x Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crate

Note: Free Fire redeem codes have restrictions regarding usage, i.e., only players from a given region can use them. The code for Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crate is for users on the Singapore server. Those from other regions who are attempting to collect the rewards will face an error message.

The steps for claiming the gun crates are listed below:

Step 1: This Free Fire redeem code can only be used from the Rewards Redemption Site and not through any other website.

Step 2: Users should then sign in to their accounts through the platform associated with them.

Step 3: Afterwards, they must enter the given redeem code and click on the confirm button. Once a pop-up appears, players can press ok.

Gun crates should be added to the account within 24 hours of completing the successful redemption. 2x Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crate can be collected through the mail system.

Suppose users run into an error message stating, “This code is invalid or redeemed,” it implies that the code has already expired. It cannot be used any further.

In this Garena Free Fire event, you will get many free rewards including Incubator Voucher, just have to do a little work

  • Play Match – 1 time
  • Kill Enemies – 5 times
  • Get Top 5 – 1 times
  • Play – 60 minutes

After depositing tokens, players will have to redeem them for rewards. You can claim the rewards mentioned below:

  • Star General Weapon Loot Crate
  • Champion Boxer Weapon Loot Crate
  • Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate
  • Superstar Weapon Loot Crate
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