watchOS 10.1.1 now available with bug fix for Apple Watch battery drain

Apple is currently seeding watchOS 10.1.1 to Apple Watch customers, following the release of watchOS 10.1 to users a few weeks ago. An critical fix for the excessive Apple Watch battery drain that some customers were complaining about after updating to watchOS 10.1 is included in this version.

It’s interesting to note that Apple released an upgrade during the watchOS 10.1 beta cycle to lessen excessive battery drain in cases where users weren’t using testing software on both their iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple claims that when an iPhone running iOS 17 was linked with an Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1 beta, there was a rise in battery usage. Conversely, watchOS 10 and iOS 17.1 beta could also occur.

Nevertheless, it appears that this upgrade was insufficient because Apple had to issue watchOS 10.1.1 now that both versions were accessible. The release notes state the following:

This update provides important bug fixes and addresses an issue that could cause the battery to drain more quickly for some users.

Apple introduced two significant capabilities to Apple Watch users with watchOS 10.1:

  • NameDrop from iPhone to Apple Watch lets you easily share your contact information from one iPhone to Apple Watch by approaching them. While this function is available for iPhone to iPhone with iOS 17, Apple says that nearing an iPhone to Apple Watch to perform the same action is possible with Apple Watch Series 6 and later, Apple Watch SE (1st and 2nd generation), and Apple Watch Ultra.
  • The double-tap gesture lets users easily control the Apple Watch Series 9 using just one hand and without touching the display by tapping the index finger and thumb of their watch hand together twice to quickly and conveniently perform many of the most common actions on the Watch.
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If BGR learns anything new regarding watchOS 10.1.1, we’ll let you know. Apple is testing watchOS 10.2, which is scheduled for release in the latter part of the year.

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