Building 21 Theory in Warzone 2 Points to Verdansk as The Location of The Game’s New Zone

More and more people who play Warzone 2 are fixated on Building 21 and its mysteries. Building 21 is the most exciting addition to Infinity Ward thus far, but getting inside requires key cards, which can only be obtained by looting the DMZ. A fresh idea suggests that the COD location may be hiding in an area that is familiar to many Warzone players, given its recent inclusion in the MW2 battle royale spin-off.

Warzone 2’s mystery DMZ Building 21 isn’t even in Al Mazrah, in case you weren’t aware. Many of the Building 21 weapon case locations have been discovered by players who have broken into the structure using the Building 21 access card. Okay, so if it’s not in Al Mazrah, then where on earth is it?

Warzone 2 Building 21 theory suggests new area is actually in Verdansk

Activation of Duties GeekyPastimes, a popular YouTube channel, has a crazy notion that says Building 21 is actually in Verdansk. The mini-map of the area, which briefly appears after loading in, shows that Building 21 is situated within a crater, which is consistent with the building’s designation as a “biohazard lab.”

Even though craters are generally dull, GeekyPastimes is convinced that this particular one has some interesting implications. In fact, the crater in Building 21 may represent the shattered remnants of Verdansk. After a massive zombie assault, our cherished Verdansk was destroyed to smithereens. The YouTuber refers to their theory as “fan fiction,” which seems plausible given the theory’s ominous tone and scientific underpinnings.

Whether or not zombies make a comeback is another question entirely, as their place in the realistic Modern Warfare canon is still up for debate. However, would you consider going back to the great drop zone in Verdansk, the Hospital? Let us know where we can sign up immediately.

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GeekyPastimes not only details his theory on where Building 21 is located but also draws attention to a series of inactive computers that could be used in a later easter egg.

Since the temporary map has been taken down, many players are wondering if and when Building 21 Points of Interest (POI) will be added back into Warzone 2. Extras from The Loadout.

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Warzone 2 Building 21 theory suggests new area is actually in Verdansk

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