Virtual credit cards with custom budget and date restrictions

Having virtual credit cards is the sign of a smart company which can spend money using this card. You can securely do the money transaction, personalize and track the way to pay for things online.
With these virtual cards, your team members can get the things they need right from their desktop. It is easy to use and completely safe.
Before discussing more the topic take a look at the basics of the virtual card.

 What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual card is similar to a gift card with a specific amount of money loaded onto it in advance. It exists only online, but work similarly to the offline physical bank card: card number, expiration date and CVV code.
A few years ago, the virtual card was in the market to address the risk of fraud when shopping online.
It is growing popularly in recent years, total 315.1 billion dollars a year in commercial purchasing with virtual cards” by 2021.

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  • It cannot be hacked and limited to the risk of fraud if it cannot be removed entirely.
  • Expense management is optimized since a limit can be set on the cards
  • the moment you pay the amount, it will expire, so it is a single-use card with the highest security
  • every spending is tracked from the main spend management platform
  • everything is that is approved been tracked digitally so that you will know who signed off and the reasons given
  • Recurring-use cards help you track active payments, and also provide an report on weekly, monthly, and annual spending
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NachoNacho – manage your existing SaaS products

NachoNacho is the single destination to manage your existing SaaS products as well as buy new ones.
NachoNacho is a single destination for businesses to manage and buy SaaS products. Users connect their payment source to their NachoNacho account, and create one virtual VISA credit card per subscription.  They migrate all their existing subscriptions to NachoNacho by simply changing the credit card being used in each subscription account.  They also buy new subscriptions by creating a new virtual credit card per subscription.

Key features

  • Pay for all your subscriptions with your NachoCard
  • Watch all your spend flow into your NachoNacho account
  • Issue as many NachoCards as you like
  • Configure each card the way you want
  • No more wasting money on unused subscriptions
  • Cancel any unwanted subscription with one click

Create Virtual Credit Cards

Create a virtual VISA credit card (‘NachoCard’) for each vendor, and pay that vendor with that card. Set spending and date limits on each NachoCard. Suspend or cancel a NachoCard at any time. You can assign cards to yourself or any team member.

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