Users of Whats App Are Free to Decline the Feature of In-App Polls: Report

According to reports, WhatsApp is developing new features that will let users make polls in group discussions. The WhatsApp observers at WBI have reported that WhatsApp has submitted a fresh beta version for its App Store app. According to the update, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will let users create polls in group chats.

The website recently reported that WhatsApp has filed a fresh beta version for its App Store application. The messaging platform, which is owned by Meta, is working on a feature called group polls, according to the beta release. Group polls are currently offered via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging services. Not having this capability has been viewed as a strategic drawback by WhatsApp.

How Will It Function?

Users of Whats App Are Free to Decline the Feature of In-App Polls: Report

According to the source, WhatsApp users will be able to make polls specifically for group chats. After that, they will be prompted to complete the poll and email it to a WhatsApp group. End-to-end encryption will be used for both the query and the responses.

Only members of the designated group will be able to take part in the poll and view the results because polls will only be available in WhatsApp groups. The most recent beta of WhatsApp for iOS was found to include the feature of group polls.

When or Even if This Capability Will Be Made Available on Android Smartphones Is Still Uncertain

Users of Whats App Are Free to Decline the Feature of In-App Polls: Report

In the meantime, a different new feature for users of the Android OS app is apparently being tested by the messaging service owned by Meta Platforms. Users of its app will soon be able to pause and resume voice recordings. Users of WhatsApp could only access the functionality up until now on Apple iOS and desktop computers.

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After tapping the recording button on Android devices, users will be able to slide up to reveal a new pause button. The same button will be used to resume recording after pausing it. Longer recordings can be shared using the new functionality, and users will also benefit from saving time by not having to re-record voice notes when something goes wrong.

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