A calculator, a telephone, a clock, a radio and now the internet is replaced by a single smartphone. Thanks to the constant advancements of technology, everything can be accessed through the phone now.  In this fast-moving world, to be productive and efficient, you should make the best use of time without which you will be left behind. Some utility apps are designed to improve your productivity and performance in both professional and personal life.  Some of them are: 

  1. Smart Tools

 With 5 million+ users and 4.7 ratings, the app is an all-in-one package of 6 individual apps and supports around 55 different tools to satisfy your utilities. This smart tools app measures physical quantities, contains a compass, sound meter, vibrometer, metal detector, flashlight, mirror, and magnifier etc to help you live a smart life with the smart app. However, the app is not available for phones without compass sensors like Galaxy TabA, MotoG4 etc. You can avail of all the services of the app with a one-time purchase. Connect the device with data or Wifi a couple of times and the app works like magic without any internet connection afterwards. The Smart tools app is listed on the Google Play Store.

  1. Google Translate

Who doesn’t love to travel? Every one of us wants to explore different places in the world. But language shouldn’t be a barrier to experience the culture and beauty of a place. Google translate comes in to solve all your troubles. It can translate into 108 languages across the world. Copy the text directly and translate using this app. The text from images and infographics can also be translated to your desired language through the app.  This app has 1 billion+ users worldwide and stands as the best product from Google. Obtain the Google Translate app from the Google Play Store.

  1. Applock
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Through Applock, you can lock any app on your phone with a pin or pattern or a fingerprint. From Facebook and Whatsapp to gallery and contacts, this Applock can restrict access to apps like  Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls etc. You can hide your photos, and videos through this app. The hidden files vanish from the gallery and can be accessed only through the app.  Even after keeping many locks or patterns, some people try to peep through your phone while you are entering your password. We have a solution for you. This app has a keyboard with an invisible pattern. With Applock, you don’t have to worry about your phone being accessed by others. 

This is the number 1 app in the google play store available in 50 countries and supporting over 45 languages. Download Applock from the Google Play Store and secure your phone.

  1. Find my device by Google

What if your phone is lost or stolen? someone might access your phone and get confidential information. The find my device app made by Google allows you to spot your phone. your device location is displayed in the app and you can navigate the location in google maps. There is a facility for locking the phone with a customised message so that you can send a number to be contacted in case the phone is found by anyone. In case the phone is on silent mode, this app enables you to play on full volume to let you spot it easily.  With more than 1 billion+ downloads and above 4-star ratings, the app connects you with your lost phones safely without affecting your privacy. Why late? Install the app now and protect your device.

  1. Smartphone cleaner-Speed Booster and Optimiser
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Daily you share tonnes of information and multimedia with your family, friends, and colleagues etc through your phone. Your phone accumulates unnoticeable caches, duplicate files that eat away the storage space and slows down your phone. Get rid of all unwanted data from your phone and optimise it for peak performance with the help of 

Smartphone cleaner app. Manage all the files better using the file explorer feature. The unused apps are displayed to make you decide on uninstalling the apps. The app in-houses other features like battery saver, CPU cooler, Junk file remover, RAM booster etc. Download this Smartphone cleaner app from your Google Play Store and avail all these ultimate features. 

  1. Google Gesture Search

Do you find any trouble searching for an app that is squeezed among many other apps on your phone? Google introduced a Gesture search app to allow you to access any apps by drawing gestures on the screen. Apart from built-in gestures, you can also add custom gestures for different applications through this app. Get the app here and enjoy your hustle free searching.


Organise your life like never before with this application. Prioritise your tasks using the daily planner option. Do you worry about forgetting grocery items to buy? You can choose from the list of grocery items. This app can be accessed from all devices. You can sync your tasks, reminders and access them from anywhere through phone or tablet or desktop. The free version of this app can be downloaded from their official website. The paid version includes premium features like an unlimited daily planner, Whatsapp reminders, customised themes etc. 

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Now that you have been through the top utility apps for your phone, we shall present you with a regional Bengali keyboard that compliments your conversions. Design the customised stickers from your selfies using the bobblehead function. This keyboard can be incorporated for most of the popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc. there are many other ready-to-use stickers and GIFs available on the keyboard. Switch between English and Bengali whenever you want with a single click. The Bengali typing is never made this stylish and good looking with the provision of different styles of fonts in the keyboard. If you are comfortable with Bangla typing, you can send the text in this language. The other way is you can type Bangla words in English and that gets converted into Bengali automatically.

Download the Bengali keyboard app from the website or get it on the play store.  

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