Top 5 Key Steps to Improve Your IT Staffing Hiring And Orientation Process

The IT sector is undergoing massive expansion these days. At the same time, it has enhanced the need for qualified and experienced personnel. However, IT firms, corporate companies, and different organizations are finding it difficult to source talents.

One of the reasons for it is that the demand for IT staffing is far more than the supply of qualified hands. There is a shortfall in supply talents causing a demand-supply mismatch.

Here are five key steps you should take to improve the recruitment process in your firm:

Retention of Trained Staff Members

Your first step is to retain as many trained employees as possible. If you can retain the staff for a longer period, you win half the battle.

How to retain experienced IT staff members in an organization:

  • Give them time-bound promotion within the organization
  • Offer them a lucrative salary package plus an annual hike
  • Let them work independently and don’t micromanage
  • Encourage them to find innovative technologies and methods in IT

Streamline Corporate Work Culture

A large number of IT staff leave a company to switch on to another company when they are not happy or unsatisfied with the current organization.

You need to address their concerns and grievances as follows:

  • Shun away any dictatorial attitude of the higher authority.
  • Partiality or differential treatment among the IT staff members shouldn’t be tolerated.
  • Don’t impose excessive work pressure, which can lead to burnout.

Stopping Them from Moving On

You need to plug the attrition of talents. You can ensure this by adopting the following means:

  • Give them the same benefit to the staff who is moving on
  • Pursue them to remain in one organization to expect higher time-bound growth
  • Provide in-house facilities to conduct research by improving your R&D section
  • Inculcate organizational loyalty ideals to remain in one company for a longer period
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Your HR Department Must Be on Constant Lookout

The fact that supply is less than the demand makes it necessary for your HR division to regularly lookout for IT and tech talents to hire.

They can follow the following techniques to find the right talent for the organization:


  • Put out job advertisements in the tech and IT print/ online magazines
  • Publicize their job requirements on all essential social media platforms
  • Go for campus placement to hire raw and fresh talents

Go for a Hybrid Set Up in Your Company

The concept of work-from-home is fast catching up with the IT sector. A large number of talented hands prefer not to go to the office but sit at home to work. It has become more frequent after the devastating coronavirus pandemic.

You can solve the IT staffing problem through the following means:


  • Hire IT staff who can work from remote locations
  • Create a hybrid system under which some staff members may come to the office regularly while a section of IT staff are allowed to work from home
  • You can also hire project or job-based consultants to tackle the problem of IT staff shortage

In Conclusion 

Make sure that whoever you hire is well-experienced and knowledgeable. You can also contact the IT staffing agency for help.


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